Canmore with the Foci

Last weekend Mario and I took our Foci up to Canmore and took advantage of the nice weather and beautiful scenery to take some photos. With winter approaching quickly who knows how long it’ll be before the two are in winter mode?

I had a few locations in mind and after some scouting we settled on a starting point. We began with this lookout at the side of the road, with a clear view of the valley. The mountains in the distance made for a really nice backdrop and it was a low-traffic area.

Canmore photoshoot 1

Brenda had just turned around when I took this one and it came out really well I think – it was not a planned shot. Tim Hortons product placement also not intentional.

Canmore photoshoot 2

Ketchup and mustard.

Canmore photoshoot 3

Partway through photos the silver minivan arrived and kept driving up closer and closer to the cars before finally stopping and parking. We were all having the same thought; “We’re taking photos, stop already!”. Haha.

Canmore photoshoot 4

My sedan has settled a fair bit compared to when the springs were first installed and I’m content with the ride height. Many know that coilovers are on the list for next year though so that I can even out the wheel gap and maybe go a tad lower.

Canmore photoshoot 5

At one point we noticed this little guy out for an afternoon stroll.

Canmore photoshoot 6

Canmore photoshoot 7

Canmore photoshoot 8

Canmore photoshoot 9

After the first location we headed down the road to the Nordic Center. With so many trees changing colours and leaves all over the ground it was really looking like fall.

Canmore photoshoot 10

Canmore photoshoot 11

Canmore photoshoot 12

My car always looks high next to the ST. Mario’s been one step ahead in lowering the whole time.

Canmore photoshoot 13

Canmore photoshoot 14

He’s still sporting the Sunday School decal as is my own Focus.

Canmore photoshoot 15

Canmore photoshoot 16

Canmore photoshoot 17

After this we got back into the cars and headed back down the hill to wander around the town. It was a fairly impromptu photo shoot but I’m really pleased with how they turned out. We’re planning a second one actually, once snow falls and covers everything. Hopefully we’ll be able to head back out and take some wintertime photos to go along with these.


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