Quarry Park and Polish 2013 – Part 4

This will be the last group of photos from this year’s Park and Polish. Thanks again to everyone involved for organizing another edition of the event and to everyone who brought out their toys for us to admire! I often see cars at this event which I have never seen in person before, and in some cases I spot cars that I didn’t even expect to see on our soil (such as the 8C I first saw two years ago).

On to the last few pictures:

QPP 2013 61

Gorgeous new RS 4.0. I rather like the factory graphics.

QPP 2013 62

This was actually for sale; too bad it was (way) out of my budget.

QPP 2013 63

Davenport had some cars out.

QPP 2013 Ollie

Mandatory Ollie photo. I can never pass up the opportunity to get a shot.

QPP 2013 65

As you’ll see in the photos below, three Countachs showed up to the event, but two of them were even more special than normal. As this sheet on the dash of the white model explained, it and the red Countach were the only two of their kind in North America! The fact that this one was also owned by Saudi royalty is really cool as well.

QPP 2013 66

Apparently the black one was just a ‘normal’ Countach. Nothing to see here then (Yeah, right. Haha). Three of these beasts parked together was quite a sight. All were in beautiful condition as well.

QPP 2013 67

I spent quite a while waiting for the crowds to clear to get a picture of all three but this was the best I could manage. Understandably everyone wanted to see them so they were surrounded all the time by showgoers.

QPP 2013 68

This was awesome. I’m a fan of old trucks, and the colour scheme was fantastic.

QPP 2013 69

As everyone started to pack up and get ready to leave, we grabbed a few final shots of our little group – such as Kyle is doing here. I’ve already shown photos of ours in the Park and Polish coverage but since they were the last photos we took I thought it’d be a good way to wrap up the post.

QPP 2013 Focus 2

I look back at photos of the Focus prior to getting the springs and it looks way higher even though the drop wasn’t that much. I can’t wait for 2014 though when coilovers will (hopefully) go in.

QPP 2013 70

Kyle’s ’74 sandwiched between the domestics. It’s one of those cars that really draws the attention of showgoers. It seems like anyone over a certain age can recall someone they knew who owned one back in the 70’s and so they always ask us who it belongs to and strike up a conversation. Like the 240Z, it’s one of those cars that people really relate to.

QPP 2013 72

The final shot for Park and Polish ’13 – Derrick’s Camaro. It’s another head-turner for sure. Derrick’s mod list is relatively short but the car looks way different from when it was stock and it always gets attention.



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