meet – October 2nd

This could be the last of my ‘regular’ coverage of Beyond meets for 2013, as each week the weather seems to work against us. Also, with the sun setting so early now, it’s hard to get decent photos as I usually arrive once it’s dark. But that’s okay. The whole point is to see friends and hang out for a few hours, and that’s what we do.

We will continue to meet on nice Wednesdays and I continue to look forward to each gathering, but it is time to bring out jackets and sweaters, and be prepared to take shelter if it rains.

Two weeks ago was one of those nights where we had to hide underneath; and even there, there was enough water pouring in that we had to watch where we stood to avoid getting soaked. Here are a few final shots from then, of the small group that arrived for October’s first meet.

Hopefully we’ll see a decent turnout tonight, and hopefully it will stay dry.

Beyond Oct 2 1

Beyond Oct 2 2

Beyond Oct 2 3

Beyond Oct 2 4

Beyond Oct 2 5

Beyond Oct 2 6


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