With snow approaching, many people are switching wheels now. Mario did too, yesterday, except he switched to his new summer wheels. Wait, what? Read on.

Tarmacs 2

The Varrstoens were removed to make way for a newly-delivered set of wheels and tires, off of another Mk3 ST. These will be kept for winter duties now, as in the summer Mario’s hatch will be sitting on…

Tarmacs 1

…Tarmacs! He’s going to have fun keeping these clean. They’ll probably stay white for all of 2 minutes.

Mario was able to get these shipped to Calgary super fast, so yesterday he came over and wheels were swapped in preparation for tonight’s meet. Some ink from the cardboard used to package them had stained the white faces, but a quick polishing took that off.

Tarmacs 3

In no time they were on the car and it was back on the ground for a few quick photos.

Tarmacs 4

It’s quite a change from the black wheels it’s had for months, but it looks great!

Tarmacs 5

The fitment is spot-on too. The sizing was figured out perfectly and even though they’re 9.5″ wide (!) they are flush with the fenders. To our knowledge this is the widest wheel you’ll currently see on a static Mk3. The only one wider (10.5″?) is on air suspension.

The ride is great with them, and there’s no rubbing at all. 225 tires have been stretched on them but there’s room to increase to 235s or greater so that may happen.

Even though this took place yesterday, photos were purposely not shared so as to keep this a surprise for tonight’s meet.


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