About those gold decals…

Recently I posted about some ‘special’ versions of the Square decals, explaining only that they couldn’t be bought and not much beyond that. Here’s a little more information on them:

Occasionally I get a request to shoot someone’s car and as you’ve seen with Jules’ Focus and Alex’s FR-S, I’ve started a category (called “A Look At”) for highlights of such vehicles on THREETWENTY. It’s just for fun and certainly not meant to be some high honour such as a true feature in a mainstream blog or magazine would be. Rather, it’s a chance for me to practice photography some more and for someone to hopefully get some nice photos of their car – that is, if I do my part right.

Gold square decals

With that said though, I wanted something fun and unique to give to the owners as a thanks for letting me take and share the photos online with you all. I decided to make some new versions of the blog’s Square decal which I could give to them to use. While all of the regular versions are available in gloss vinyl at the time being, I selected from the supply a metallic gold which I generally reserve for special edition decals – such as those I made for Quarry Park and Polish. I produced a few in this new colour and have them reserved to hand out to the owners whose cars I have photographed. Currently I have one pending shoot coming up, so there’s one for that individual as well.

I will not produce these for normal purchase and keep them exclusively for cars which I have shot for these highlights, so that the owners can have something unique.


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