But I do love Fig Newtons.

This had been sitting for a little while but Mario and I just recently had a chance to install it.

I made a large banner for ThreeTwenty to have at the top of the Focus’ windshield, as I wanted something bigger and something with the full web address. I kept it simple with ThreeTwenty being horizontal across the width of the windshield and then ‘Official’ and ‘.com’ added in vertically at either end. I wasn’t entirely sure what I’d think of it in this size and style so I kept it simple for now and simply used a single piece of white vinyl instead of trying anything fancy like multiple colours or layers.

Overall I’m pleased with it and down the road I may very well make a more colourful one to replace the all-white version.

New banner 1

New banner 2

Having a plotter is too much fun.


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