photoswithjson – Part 1

Today I have something special to post about; I met up with Jason and J.C. for a photoshoot of the Focus. Jason has been shooting car after car before winter comes, to get some photos to share on his blog, lifewithjson (check my blogroll) and was able to get to mine as well.

I had initially messaged Jason a while ago asking if he’d be up for shooting the Focus and he said he was! Our schedules lined up this weekend so we could make it happen. Thanks again to the guys for taking the time to meet up and do this! I enjoy photography and like to learn what I can to (hopefully) keep improving, but I recognize that there are people much more skilled behind the lens than myself. Following his blog I have seen tons of impressive images come from Jason’s shoots so I was excited to see what he could do with the yellow sedan.

I gave the Focus a quick wash and was at the location drying it off when they arrived in J.C.’s CT. He, like many others, had made the switch to winter wheels in preparation for the coming snow while I was holding out on my summers. Now that this shoot is behind us though, I guess there’s nothing stopping me from bolting on the OEM 16s again…sigh.

While Jason was doing his thing, I took a few ‘behind the scenes’ shots. It’ll be interesting to compare these relatively untouched photos with what he creates.

photoshootwithjson 2

Jason guided me and I parked the Focus in a couple of different positions for him, and then got out of his way to let him shoot. I have taken countless photos of the car myself for build threads, the blog, Instagram, etcetera – but to have someone else shoot it is a rare opportunity.

photoshootwithjson 4

After the first spot we moved over to another location just down the road. I parked the car again and Jason carried on.

photoshootwithjson 3

The hybrid. It looks so low on the stock wheels.

photoshootwithjson 1

I turned the car around and would clean spots as needed (some of the roads were dusty), but otherwise stayed out of the shots and was happy to just watch.

photoshootwithjson 5

Following these photos we then headed out on the road for rolling shots; I have nothing to show of that since I was driving, but I’m excited to see how they turned out! I think I’m most interested in seeing those since I don’t really have any of the Focus aside from a few Brenda took going to Canmore, with her phone.

Part 2 will come when the photos are ready.


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