Winter photoshoot – Part 2

Following the two Fiesta ST posts, today I’m picking up with the photos from the Lake Louise/Banff trip a couple of weekends ago. There will be just a few photos, but it was time I wrapped this up and shared the final shots.

Following Lake Louise we hit the highway and headed back to Banff. As we were driving through the town, at a 4-way stop we happened to pull up next to another Mk3 Focus. A pedestrian walking by did a double-take when he saw the three Foci together, and then pulled out his phone and ran over for a picture of Mario’s car. Hahaha.

Bow Falls 33

For the photos of the cars we drove over to Bow Falls and like the Chateau – it was pretty much deserted. It’s not like it was unbearably cold (as we found out it was for our cameras though…), but everywhere we went there was a noticeable lack of people.

Bow Falls 34

This meant however that there wouldn’t be cars in the background of each photo.

Bow Falls 35 2

Being a large, flat parking lot there wasn’t too much aside from trees to shoot against…

Bow Falls 38

…unless you looked at it from the other angle. This is probably my favourite shot from the day. There are very few cars that I think can look ‘good’ dirty, but this is one of them. The fact that it’s still slammed and on aggressive wheels helps a lot.

Bow Falls 39

At this point I’d be happy to share more photos, but we ran into technical difficulties. Our cameras stopped working due to the cold (as I hinted at above), so the photoshoot ended early. I wasn’t happy with that but we had already gotten a lot of photos at Lake Louise and it was a good time to head back anyway.

As far as the Fiesta goes, I have yet to check in on it today but I plan to stop by later and get photos of the latest progress. I do not yet know how many parts the coverage will be split into, but the to-do list has barely been started on. I have seen the renderings of how it will look when completed and there’s still much to be done.


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