Exclusive: The Fiesta ST Project – Part 2

Carrying on with the Fiesta project! Already I’m noticing lots of interest being generated about this car, which is awesome to see. Messages have been coming in wanting to know more, but for that everyone will have to check here!

I wanted part 1 to be just the introduction, so these photos are also from yesterday (day one of the build) and were purposely saved for part 2. This evening I paid another visit to Wrap Werkz to check in again and see how the car was progressing, and it was apparent that the group had put in a lot of work because the car was missing a lot of parts.

Before I get too ahead of myself though, here’s what happened last night.

Project Fiesta 1

Project Fiesta 2

Project Fiesta 4

The ST in its (almost) original condition, before work began. Just the washer fluid nozzles from the hood had been removed. Remember what it looks like here…

Project Fiesta 5

The hood was cleaned and prepped for the wrap to begin. I had been posting some photos with the colour removed because I didn’t want to show just yet what exactly the car was being wrapped with. Take a guess, and scroll down to see if you were correct.

The hood was the first panel to be worked on.

Project Fiesta 6

Measure twice, cut once.

Project Fiesta 8

Here’s the first glimpse at the film that will eventually cover almost every panel of the car. The colour is not being changed, but the finish is. Instead of the usual gloss paint protection film, this is a matte film and that means that the car will be matte orange when it’s done.

Project Fiesta 9

I couldn’t stop admiring the two-tone Recaros. Jealous.

Project Fiesta 10

With the backing removed, the film could be positioned on the hood and application could begin.

Project Fiesta 11

Project Fiesta 12

Once the film was pressed down, we could start to see how the car would look.

Project Fiesta 13

I am definitely a fan. Some say matte finishes are overdone, but can you argue with this? Not only will the car stand out more, the paint will be preserved and kept in brand-new condition. Win-win.

Project Fiesta 14

Push button start, MyFord Touch, Recaros; this interior rocks.

Project Fiesta 16

It wasn’t long before the hood was starting to take shape. The edges obviously still had to be taken care of here but now a whole panel can be seen in the new finish.

Project Fiesta 17

Sitting next to the car was one box of parts waiting to be installed. Coilovers and a new Cobb Accessport are here, and more is on the way.

Project Fiesta 18

Soon the edges of the film were wrapped around and the hood could be closed.

Project Fiesta 19

Notice how the body lines are so well-defined now as compared to the unwrapped bumper. This car looks angry.

Project Fiesta 20

With the hood out of the way, the long process of removing trim and panels had to start before the rest of the car could be wrapped. Since everything has to be covered, any pieces that would interfere have to go, and some panels have to be removed to get proper access to the edges. That means the handles, lights, bumpers, the window trim, and more, have to be taken off. It’s like a giant puzzle. Without instructions.

Project Fiesta 21

The next time you see this will be during the teardown process. There’s plenty more to come!


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