Kyle H is back

I have added a new category for posts such as this. Site News will be used to group all updates to the site, new decal releases, events, and so forth.

For the first post in this new category, I would like to announce that Kyle Hugo will be back with more photos from our local events over the coming season. Last summer, there were a few times when I could not personally cover a meet and Kyle generously provided photos for me to share with you all. I didn’t even ask him to but the first time I had to miss a meet, right away he gave me the photos and it was very much appreciated.

I asked Kyle if he would like to take more photos for the blog this year and he said he would, so thank you! Hopefully between the two of us we can cover more and bring you more content.

In the meantime here are a few of his photos which have been seen here before, from last summer’s meets:

Beyond July 10 7

Beyond July 31 8

Beyond July 10 6

Beyond Sept 4 11


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