BRZ test drive

Today’s post will be something new for ThreeTwenty. Instead of a meet or an install, it’s going to cover something that happens much less often but is very exciting; test-driving a brand-new car.

Yesterday I met up with Kanji and his brother Don at Subaru Calgary to check out a specific car that Kanji has had his eye on.


Kanji has made the choice to part out his green Integra and move into something new and RWD, with a manual transmission. A Subaru BRZ.

Personally, I think I prefer the BRZ because it’s less common than the FR-S. After the drive and looking at these for a couple of days with Kanji and Don, I know I prefer them also for the upgraded interior and their available World Rally Blue paint. That is absolutely the colour I would get, but Kanji had something more unique in mind.


When we arrived the car had just been prepared and was waiting to venture out onto the open road. It’s a 2014 model, which is given away by the colour. Red is new for this year, so it’s still a very uncommon option. After some debate Kanji finally opted for this over their dark grey. The white was tempting as well, but being a pearl colour it’d be much more difficult to match down the road. Most people wouldn’t care but when you know you’re going to be modifying a car, that’s something very important to consider (says the guy with a pearl-painted car. Oops).



While the car was still clean and waiting to go, I grabbed a few shots and helped them look it over for any damage.


Aside from a rock chip it looked pretty good. After chatting with the salesman briefly we then climbed in and Kanji took the keys.


Off we go! Fortunately the roads were fairly clear, which was important since the car was obviously on stock tires (that is, not winters).


Even loaded down with four adults the car was responsive and rode well. I never drove it so I can’t comment on the feel of the car from the driver’s perspective, but as a passenger it felt much like my Focus; though obviously this car was stock whereas mine has a few suspension tweaks. It was a firm ride without being harsh, finding that sweet spot between the two.


Check out the black a-pillar (which leads into a black headliner). Jealous. I want an all-black interior.


It shouldn’t be a surprise, but the back seat isn’t really much of a back seat. I was comfortable, but I couldn’t really move much; my legs were against the back of Kanji’s seat and my head was pretty much touching the rear window. Don found this quite amusing. The small quarter window gave me some idea of where we where, but not much. Haha.

BRZ 10

After we had returned to the dealer we headed back inside and I once again started admiring the white BRZ in the showroom…

Jaguar XKRS GT

…as well as this beauty which was parked in the Jaguar half (it’s a Subaru/Jaguar dealer, for those that aren’t aware). XKRS GT, one of five (?) in Canada. Why hello there.

BRZ 11

After they had some time to talk with the dealership more, Kanji and Don called it a day and we walked back to our cars.

It was a lot of fun to ride along and check out some of the new models from Subaru and Jaguar, so I’m glad they let me come with.

Will Kanji buy the BRZ? What will he do to it? Will CPTNSLW get a bath? Find out more, next time on ThreeTwenty.


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