Kanji’s BRZ

BRZ banner 5

The title gives it away – Kanji bought the BRZ! To answer the other questions from the end of the last post, Kanji is making plans for modifications still and CPTNSLW has been washed. By now it probably looks the same as it did before the bath though, with how the roads are.

BRZ banner 4

Anyway, back to the BRZ – this is not the one that Kanji test-drove but an identical model that had yet to be moved or cleaned following its delivery to the dealership. It was still untouched and waiting for a home. A red, 2014 BRZ with the Sport-Tech package. The plate was more suited to the Integra (which was one of the lowest static cars around) than it is to the stock BRZ but that will be fixed in time. Though, it could still work if you picture the word “needs” in front of it. Haha.

With us, it doesn’t take long for decals to find their way onto a new car and Kanji asked for a ThreeTwenty banner for the windshield of the red coupe. I made one up for him and today we applied it. Fortunately we had a shop to work in and a heat gun to warm up the glass and decal, otherwise things probably wouldn’t have gone well. It may have been sunny but it was cold!

BRZ banner 6

Kanji requested a metallic grey to keep the decal subtle, and it contrasts nicely with the red paint. I was really pleased with how it turned out.

BRZ banner 3

BRZ banner 2

As you can see it blends in fairly well with the window but it’s still noticeable. I like it.

BRZ banner 7

Congrats again on the car Kanji, and thanks for sporting the banner!

As a side note, I have added another new category to the blog for updates on friends’ vehicles: Projects. All updates to cars will be placed here to keep them easier to find in the future. As the warm weather gets closer and shows approach, there should be plenty happening on our cars which I will be documenting for the site.


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