Project ST features Mustard!

Thursday was an exciting day for me. Those who follow fifteen52 may have noticed that a new article went up on the Project ST site, highlighting a certain fake ST!

ST sedan 1552 feature

I had been in contact with fifteen52 for a little while about putting this together and last week it went live! I was very honored to find out that they wanted to feature the sedan and once the photos and information were sent off, it wasn’t long before I got an email back saying to keep an eye on the website that day.

Bill MacKenzie Ford Focus sedan 14R

I took the photos the day after Driven as the car was the cleanest it had been in a long time. All it needed was a quick touch up and it was ready to go. I cruised around and found an empty back road which worked out great for the pictures, and we ended up getting rain in the days following so it was a good thing I took the chance when I had it!

In putting the article together a few of these photos ultimately weren’t used so I figured why not share some more here? With the exception of the one above I won’t be reposting anything from the feature though, so to see more and read the feature, please click on the link below to head over to the Project ST site:


Bill MacKenzie Ford Focus sedan 1R

While I’ll still be providing proper updates regarding the new parts the Focus received for Driven, you can in these shots see one of the subtle changes made – Stance Nation lug nuts.

Bill MacKenzie Ford Focus sedan 5R

Bill MacKenzie Ford Focus sedan 6R

I had seen this done before by Jason and others and figured I should give it a shot to.

Bill MacKenzie Ford Focus sedan 9R

Bill MacKenzie Ford Focus sedan 12R

Of the entire set, this photo was probably my personal favourite. You can see the theme of blue accents here, with the lug nuts, valve stem cap, and decal.

Bill MacKenzie Ford Focus sedan 13R

Brad had mentioned the gauges in the write up, so here’s a photo of (most of) them. Black Cat Custom gauge face replacements – they remain as one of my favourite parts of the car. Driving the hatch now provides a good reminder of how busy the gauges used to be with all of the information on them, as I’ve already grown very used to the uncluttered look of these.

Bill MacKenzie Ford Focus sedan 16R

And that’s it for the photos today. Thanks again to Brad and the rest of the team at 1552 for featuring the sedan!

This is just a quick entry for today but I’m putting together a couple of new posts which will be up this week; I swung by Grey Eagle on Wednesday and was invited to a meet which took place last night, so I’ll be sharing some photos from those for you. Have a good night everyone!


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