Grey Eagle – Canada Day (July 1st)

This year Canada Day happened to fall on a Wednesday, making it line up with the weekly Grey Eagle meet. Because it was a holiday, I arrived earlier than usual – about quarter after five – as I expected the lot to fill up sooner. That turned out to be an unneccesary move as there was no shortage of spots to choose from at that time. Brandon had just arrived when I showed up so we parked and then waited for the crowds to arrive.

I’ll save on the rambling today because it’s aboot time we got on to the photos, eh?*

*We don’t really talk like this.

GE July 1 2015 2

Le Yeti. Le fake.

GE July 1 2015 3

GE July 1 2015 4

Near our Foci were these two slammed Chevy pickups. I guessed the wheels on the SS were 26s, and sure enough they were – that’s a serious amount of wheel tucked up under the fenders! Note that on the older model in the background, the tail lights have been shaved – they were replaced with a subtle LED strip under the tail gate.

GE July 1 2015 6

GE July 1 2015 7

GE July 1 2015 8

GE July 1 2015 9

GE July 1 2015 11

These two Z28s illustrated how much Camaros have changed over the years. The modern interpretation looks downright nasty compared to the almost happy-looking orange Z28.

GE July 1 2015 10

GE July 1 2015 12

GE July 1 2015 13

This old Challenger was up for sale (in fact, there were a few cars with for sale signs) and looked like a good base with lots of potential for a new owner to build on.

GE July 1 2015 14

Not too many Canadian flags were being flown but the odd vehicle arrived with one or more attached.

GE July 1 2015 15

GE July 1 2015 16

I last saw this wrapped R32 at Driven back in May but never looked it over in much detail. This time around I was able to and I like it! I think the livery works really well on it and while the wheels may not be what you’d typically see on a Skyline, I think they suit it.

GE July 1 2015 17

GE July 1 2015 18

We were impressed with how the brakes dominated the view behind the spokes.

GE July 1 2015 19

Dominic stopped by with his Mk3 a little later in the night, sporting a large Canadian flag sticking out of one of the rear windows.

GE July 1 2015 20

There was no missing Brent’s Mazda 3, which was sparkling like crazy in the sun with that insane wrap.

GE July 1 2015 21

I’m sure many have seen tires that have had their letters shaved off from rubbing on fenders. It looks like this time though, the tires won.

GE July 1 2015 22

I really liked the styling of this 240. Low, wide, and wingless. Yes, even the GT-wing fanboy here appreciates a wingless car.

GE July 1 2015 23

GE July 1 2015 24

Scott’s EVO X remains stock for the time being but he is definitely itching to get to work on it. He’ll be the first to admit it’s a huge step up from his Accord but why stop there? One can always benefit from more powaaaaah.

GE July 1 2015 25

GE July 1 2015 26

A new addition to the sedan for this week were some simple graphics on the sides. Adding more horsepower, one decal at a time.

GE July 1 2015 5

GE July 1 2015 27

At this meet I had the opportunity to chat with and catch up with Alex, who brought out his brand-new-to-him TL. I remember him working on his previous TL at my place during a UCCC meet, while I was working on the Grand Prix. Yes, that was a little while ago. It’s good to see him back in the platform he loves.

GE July 1 2015 28

GE July 1 2015 1

You didn’t really think I could go a whole GE post without an S15 photo, did you? Dustin decided to just do what he wanted and got himself a big ol’ GT wing for his Silvia. One nice benefit is that I was able to block the light post out of this photo completely because the wing is so tall. Functional!

For your viewing pleasure, I’m going to work on getting some more meet photos up this week; on Saturday I attended a bbq with the Calgary Muscle Club and later that day ran into Dominic at a late-night meet; I also made my way over to the Marda Loop Safeway yesterday for their Cars and Coffee to admire some exotics while trying to not look too out-of-place in the Focus. It was my first time attending that and I think I’ll be making it a more regular trip from now on.

And do I really need to say it again? Probably not but I will anyway – GE tonight!


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