Cars and Coffee – July 21st

12 days – not even two weeks. That’s how far away Sunday School is now and there is still much to take care of before the event. More orders for decals are coming in, there are still parts that haven’t even arrived yet which need to be installed, and as I mentioned a couple of posts ago I have a group of 25 vehicles to look after this year too.

Based on what we saw at Driven this year, the standard of cars at Sunday School should be even more impressive than usual and I’m excited to see what shows up. I know for sure that there are cars coming in from both neighbouring provinces – Saskatchewan and BC – including some that I don’t believe have been a part of it before.

In addition to Sunday School, HIN is also on the calendar but I don’t believe I’ll be going to that. It happens to be the day before Sunday School, which didn’t seem that bad to me at first, but it’s a long event (11AM to 8PM I believe) so the entire day would be tied up, and Jackie’s new shop officially opens that evening and I want to be there to show my support. Jackie Tong of Zero Limit (those who have been reading the blog for a while should be familiar with him and his shop) is setting up a new place called Balance Auto Garage. I have yet to see it in person but have seen some photos of it via Jason’s blog and am really excited to check it out. I am extremely selective when it comes to who works on my cars but Jackie has always looked after our fleet with care and we’ll continue to bring them to him once the new shop is up and running. I wish him the best with his new venture.

Moving on to today’s post, I have part 2 of last week’s Cars and Coffee meet. Part 1 was the highlight of the LaFerrari, as I took so many photos of it that I decided I’d give it its own post. It drew the biggest crowd of course but even before it arrived I was already very, very impressed with what I was seeing in the parking lot. If you’re interested in seeing some of these cars firsthand, head over to the Marda Loop Safeway parking lot tonight around 6:30.

Cars and Coffee July 21 1

Rob brought his LS-swapped 240 which drew a good bit of attention with its hood open. Later in the evening when he left, I overheard a number of people being surprised at the rumble coming from the car as he drove away. “That doesn’t sound like a 240!”

Cars and Coffee July 21 2

Next to the LaFerrari, I’d have to say the vehicle that stood out to me the most was this unbelievably clean Audi RS2. I briefly chatted with the owner and stated I was surprised to see it because I had never seen one in person before – he smiled and explained that he hears that often.

Cars and Coffee July 21 3

The RS2 was a joint-venture between Audi and Porsche, and because of this you’ll find Porsche’s name in various places around the car, including under the hood and on the calipers.

Cars and Coffee July 21 7

Cars and Coffee July 21 8

Cars and Coffee July 21 9

Our friend Dave arrived in a new-to-him Super 7 so we were checking it out. According to him it was fully wrapped in that brushed grey vinyl you see on the sides, before he removed most of it and painted the areas yellow. This is the same car seen next to the LaFerrari in the previous post.

Cars and Coffee July 21 10

Cars and Coffee July 21 19

Cars and Coffee July 21 11

Lamborghini Calgary brought out a few models once again to show off. The grey Huracan is the same one that was at Park and Polish last year.

Cars and Coffee July 21 12

Cars and Coffee July 21 13

This pair of beautiful Carreras arrived a little later on and turned a number of heads as they cruised through the lot. The white Carrera 4 sat on BBSs, while the black Carrera 2 was on Rotiforms.

Cars and Coffee July 21 14

Yes, he drove in like that. Both are static as far as I know.

Cars and Coffee July 21 15

Cars and Coffee July 21 16

Cars and Coffee July 21 4

Another surprise was seeing a DeLorean pull into the parking lot. Doc and Marty were nowhere to be seen though.

Cars and Coffee July 21 5

Fun fact – while the car had to reach 88 MPH in the movies to time travel, the speedometer only went up to 85 in real life. That was something that had to be changed for filming.

Cars and Coffee July 21 6

Cars and Coffee July 21 17

Cars and Coffee July 21 18

Cars and Coffee July 21 20

Later in the evening as I was talking with Sonny, a 458 Speciale arrived which immediately caught the attention of both of us. We were surprised because we had just been talking about them, but our attention was quickly diverted again as right behind this was the LaFerrari – and that’s when everyone started grabbing cameras and rushed over for a closer look.

That’s it for today but check back tomorrow for the photos from Grey Eagle the following night. I intend to go to the casino again tomorrow but am unsure if I’ll be stopping by next week since Sunday School will be just a few days away at that point. Here’s hoping the final parts arrive in time so that they can be fitted before the 9th!



  • Thanks for the nice comments about my Audi RS2. I just accidentally stumbled across your blog, looks really good. I hope to get it out to a number of events this year so you’ll probably see me around. First up is Driven!.

    • Hi Dave! Glad you found the site! Haha

      I’ll keep an eye out for it then; I’ll be there with the Focus!


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