Grey Eagle – July 22nd

Tonight’s post is a mini one, since I didn’t take as many photos last week as I usually do. I’m also omitting captions this time around – blame it on writer’s block, or the growing to-do list for next weekend that I should get back to crossing items off of. Maybe both, why not?

I do have a couple of announcements though. First up: I only just found out, but there will be no Grey Eagle meets on August 5th or 12th. The lot is going to be needed for events at the Casino so the next meet will be on August 19th instead. 3 weeks may seem like a long time but don’t forget that there are the Tuesday night Cars and Coffee gatherings in Marda Loop, Friday night meets at the Glendeer Circle A&W, and plenty more going on around Calgary as well. There are still ways to get your fix for car meets in the meantime!

The second announcement tonight is regarding the SE emblems, but that’s at the bottom of the post. Let’s get to the photos!

GE July 22 2015 1

I said I’d be omitting them, but I will add a caption for this one photo which shows Dustin’s S15 and Kaylee’s S14. They had gotten married just a handful of days prior so both cars were still wearing the Just Married signs on their back windows. Congratulations again you two!

GE July 22 2015 3

GE July 22 2015 4

GE July 22 2015 5

GE July 22 2015 6

GE July 22 2015 7

GE July 22 2015 8

GE July 22 2015 9

GE July 22 2015 10

GE July 22 2015 11

GE July 22 2015 12

GE July 22 2015 13

GE July 22 2015 14

GE July 22 2015 2

And now, a quick word on the SE emblems. I have been asked if more are coming and the answer is yes. The second batch is currently being worked on, in between decal orders and my job at the shop. I appreciate the support and am very happy to see so much interest in them! An announcement will be posted here on the blog when they’re ready to order.

That’s it for tonight, have a good one!


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