Ketchup’s on Speedhunters!

When Speedhunters recently announced they’d be having an air ride theme and wanted reader submissions, Mario wasted no time in sending over some photos of the ST. Not long after, he got a reply from the team stating they were interested in his car, so he sent off the requested additional information and a few days ago the post went up on the site!

Speedhunters Ketchup

The use of air suspension certainly has caused a lot of debates, and as part of the On Air Only theme Speedhunters goes to show that it’s a viable suspension option that’s not just for show. Having first-hand experience and being able to compare my Focus (coilovers) versus Mario’s (bags), I can say that I would have no reservations about fitting air to my own car. Beyond the great handling Mario’s setup provides, it’s just plain fun!

Speedhunters Ketchup 2

However, I’m not trying to carry the debate over here. I want to say congratulations to Mario, and provide the link for those who want to see the article for themselves. The ST is the second car in the post:

Before I move on I should also make note of a new addition to the ST which is visible above. Mounted below the Maxton Design lip now sits a custom Garage Box splitter. It provides some protection and certainly looks aggressive too! Mario’s moving on to more custom work now to further make YO LOW stand out from the crowd, with the hatch being his current project.

Tiggy in the country

Obviously Ketchup’s spotlight on Speedhunters is the important part of the post today, but I thought I’d toss in a small update on Mustard as well. With Sunday School now just around the corner it’s time to hurry up and take care of some small details. One of those, is a bit more vinyl work.

Recently I added some simple stripes to the fenders and front doors, which have been seen in a few photos now. I really liked them and they received a lot of positive feedback, but I wasn’t done.

Tiggy livery update

With some free time I expanded on the initial door and fender stripes. Now a thinner white stripe carries on – below the indents on the doors – and continues on to the rear bumper where it ends at the bumper/valance seam. It’s simple and clean but adds a lot, I think. The front bumper is next on the list and will be a very quick project for this weekend.

Speaking of the (long) weekend – I’ll get the next Cars and Coffee post up during it, and Grey Eagle will follow after that. I’m not sure if I’ll have any more to post in the next week as Sunday School prep will take priority but I’ll certainly have a lot to share after!


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