Cars and Coffee – August 25th

I find it hard to believe that it’s already September but the weather is certainly a reminder that the car show season is coming to a close. Despite the rain and cold however, over the weekend two more shows took place and I attended both with the Focus. I don’t know if any more shows are on my calendar for this season so they may have been the final ones until spring eventually arrives.

On Saturday was the annual Park and Polish at Quarry Park, most of which was moved into the underground parkade within the property as opposed to being outside as it usually is. Because of this the number of cars which ultimately took part in the show was significantly smaller than in years prior but there were some truly amazing machines on display and it was definitely worth the trip to see them in person. The highlight was the opportunity to see a 918, LaFerrari, and P1 together at last and I certainly didn’t pass up the chance to take lots of photos of them.

Following that, yesterday was Tree and Shine at the Grey Eagle Casino. It had originally been scheduled for Sunday but with the poor weather a call was made last-minute to postpone it a day in hopes of sunshine. For the most part the weather ended up cooperating but we still did get rained on briefly, which led to some neat photo opportunities afterwards with the wet pavement and water beading on the cars. Photos from both of these have been added to the ‘to-edit’ list so expect to see coverage soon.

In the meantime I’m carrying on with photos from some slightly older events. Today’s post goes back two weeks to another Cars and Coffee and after this it’ll be on to the last official Grey Eagle meet of the season. Enjoy!

Cars and Coffee August 25 1

The 599 has long been one of my favourite Ferraris so this GTO caught my attention right away.

Cars and Coffee August 25 2

And for a bit of contrast, parked almost right behind it…

Cars and Coffee August 25 3

…was this Mad little Figaro! Talking with the owner, apparently there are about half a dozen of these in town which is more than I expected!

Cars and Coffee August 25 4

Cars and Coffee August 25 5

Cars and Coffee August 25 6

Off to the side was this Grey Black GT3RS.

Cars and Coffee August 25 7

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is one of my favourite OEM colours ever.

Cars and Coffee August 25 8

There was still a lot of haze in the sky at this time, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the evening. Yes, that’s the sun.

Cars and Coffee August 25 9

Cars and Coffee August 25 10

Cars and Coffee August 25 11

This R34 is one I’ve seen a few times now and it appears to be stock. As much as I admire the heavily-modified examples I still really respect a preserved, factory-spec R34.

Cars and Coffee August 25 12


Cars and Coffee August 25 13

The Porsche 918 made another appearance so I grabbed some more photos while I could.

Cars and Coffee August 25 14

I had only briefly left the parking lot to run in to the Starbucks, and when I walked back outside I found a rather large crowd around one car down at the other end of the lot. I figured it had to be one of the hypercars and sure enough, it was.

Cars and Coffee August 25 15

Cars and Coffee August 25 16

This car seems to be a semi-regular at Cars and Coffee now so fortunately I’ve had a few chances to see it in person.

Cars and Coffee August 25 17

Cars and Coffee August 25 20

Cars and Coffee August 25 18

Looking at this Camaro, it offered a startling reminder as to how much cars have changed since it was new. Everything is so complicated and packed with electronics these days.

Cars and Coffee August 25 19

Along with the Grey Black GT3RS was this white RS 4.0 over in the corner.

Cars and Coffee August 25 21

And sitting off in the distance was a rather mean-looking GT-R which drew a number of people over. 1500+ HP reportedly.

Cars and Coffee August 25 22

Speaking of drawing people over, this Viper had barely parked before people were gathering around.

Cars and Coffee August 25 23

Cars and Coffee August 25 24

As always, time flew by and before long owners were firing up their cars and leaving for home. It was another fun night, meeting fellow enthusiasts and admiring some impressive cars. I don’t know how much longer these will be running this season but I don’t see there being too many more considering we’re already several days into September. Hopefully this coming winter goes by just as fast as the summer seemed to!

Check back soon for the photos from the final Grey Eagle meet!


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