World of Wheels 2016 – Part 3

Part 3! Today’s post is the conclusion to the World of Wheels coverage, picking up where Part 2 left off. I don’t see the need for a wordy intro this time around so let’s just get started!

World of Wheels 2016 56

The Alberta Mustangs Auto Club had quite an elaborate display, with Minions and various other Despicable Me props all over the place. All of their cars were either yellow or blue, save for one which I’ll show a few photos down.

World of Wheels 2016 57

Not only did the club have on display an authentic Shelby Cobra 427 S/C,…

World of Wheels 2016 58

…they also had this ’69 Shelby GT350 Sportsroof complete with Carroll’s signature on the passenger sunvisor! Reading the spec sheet, apparently this was originally a Hertz car and therefore wore the black paint/gold stripe combo.

World of Wheels 2016 60

This was the only car that strayed from the blue and yellow theme. Naturally it was accompanied by the matching evil minion.

World of Wheels 2016 59

I always enjoy checking out cars that are in progress. The colour on this Dart will probably divide opinions but I won’t lie, I like it.

World of Wheels 2016 61World of Wheels 2016 62

When I saw the wing from a few rows over I immediately started making my way towards this Charger Daytona. The Charger Daytona and its Superbird twin are among my all-time favourite cars. I admire them for their historical significance and performance, but also for just how in-your-face they are with the aero.

World of Wheels 2016 63

This particular car had been rolled – at 100MPH reportedly – back when it was almost new and underwent extensive repairs to bring it back from the dead. To be fair, in a way it’s not the same car as the floor pan was the only panel to be reused, but it’s great to see that it was brought back.

World of Wheels 2016 64

Next to it were two more Chargers – a new Hellcat and a rather detailed General Lee replica.

World of Wheels 2016 65

In case anyone can’t make it out – the last lines on the info sheet list people the owner extends thanks to, and one is nicknamed Mopar Yoda. Fellow Mighty Car Mods fans may get a chuckle out of that one.

World of Wheels 2016 66World of Wheels 2016 67World of Wheels 2016 68World of Wheels 2016 69

We quickly stopped to watch the Battle of the Techs as they raced to reassemble two engines. While doing so, Alex managed to find the proverbial needle in a haystack and spotted an Acura baseball cap in the collection of merchandise on the ground. As a running joke we kept looking for Acura-related items for sale from the vendors, faking our surprise when we couldn’t find anything.

World of Wheels 2016 70World of Wheels 2016 71

Easily my favourite display of the entire show was this one – as a model builder myself I really enjoyed the approach taken with this. Not only was there a giant ‘model box’ behind the Jimmy, but some parts had been mocked up with PVC (?) pipe to look like model kit parts affixed to the sprues. Note that they even got the stray marks of orange paint on the sprue in the foreground, as would happen when painting kit pieces.

World of Wheels 2016 72World of Wheels 2016 73

Many of us have the mini Remove Before Flight tags as keychains. This guy had the full-size version, on his parachute. His is cooler.

World of Wheels 2016 74World of Wheels 2016 75

This thing was seriously impressive but we did have a little chuckle about how it was advertising window tinting…

World of Wheels 2016 76

…yet had probably the least glass of anything at the show, short of a bike. Seriously though, this was really cool.

World of Wheels 2016 77

Compact Tuning Lab seemed to have a blue theme going, starting off with this ’05 RSX-S. I remember not being a fan of the facelifted RSXs when they first came out but now, I have to say I far prefer them. Sorry Dave.

World of Wheels 2016 78World of Wheels 2016 79World of Wheels 2016 80

I was actually surprised by the relatively short spec list for this ’15 WRX. Simple but effective changes made it a head-turner.

World of Wheels 2016 81

This BRZ was another one of my favourites from the show so I took a number of shots. It took me a second to realize I was looking at KM4SH flares – I had never seen any in person before.

World of Wheels 2016 82World of Wheels 2016 83

The fact that it wore World Rally Blue paint helped it become one of my favourites as for me, it’s THE colour to have for these cars.

World of Wheels 2016 84World of Wheels 2016 85

Wicked little VW Caddy, which I have shown before in GE coverage. That fitment though!

World of Wheels 2016 86World of Wheels 2016 87

This Chevy Apache had nothing in the way of paint, save for clear coat over its raw steel. Who says vehicles even have to have paint? This looked amazing.

World of Wheels 2016 88

And last but not least, this International (I assume from the badge on the hood) which was just insane. Raw, and rough, and awesome for it.

World of Wheels 2016 89

Finding ourselves back at the entrance, we confirmed we had seen everything and decided it was time to head out. I’m really glad I attended this year and I hope that you all have enjoyed going through the photos from the day! It was definitely worth the trip down and got me excited for the events coming up that we’ll be attending. To make it just that much better, the night before I had won a little bit of money at a work party and it happened to just cover parking and entrance to the show!

Looking ahead, we’ll be returning to the Stampede grounds before long for the Calgary Auto Show and I can’t wait for that – I’m really hoping that a Focus RS is on hand so fingers will be crossed for a chance to see that. Even if it isn’t, it’s always fun to go look at the new machinery and of course, collect as many free brochures as possible. Haha


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