A&W & Barlow

We have been spoiled this winter. We often joke about how cold our winters can be, or complain about how harsh they can be, but honestly this one has been pretty light. In fact, lots of people are running their summer wheels – or driving their summer cars – because the weather has been so good for so long now. I even debated switching wheels this week but ultimately held off just in case mother nature surprises us.

Probably the best thing to happen as a result of the mild weather though would be the return of some local meets! I’ve been to the Barlow meeting location several times already this year and last week I also made my way to the Glendeer Circle A&W for the first time this season. This post contains a few shots from both A&W and Barlow, and is also the first in the new sub-category for Barlow meet coverage. I intend to be a regular at Barlow this year so expect more photos and videos from those meets!

First up – a few photos from A&W:

A&W Feb 26 1A&W Feb 26 2

Upon arrival a decent number of vehicles were present which was great to see. I took a look around at what had shown up, but shortly after I got there…

A&W Feb 26 3

…I made my way inside to grab a bite to eat. In the summer months these meets can grow quite large and with a steady supply of great food on hand to accompany the cars, why not show up? The staff here really work hard and put on a great weekly event for everyone.

A&W Feb 26 4A&W Feb 26 5

While it was warm, this was still February so night started falling early. I quickly walked around again to see what else had shown up but the light was fading fast.

A&W Feb 26 6

I couldn’t stay at the A&W long anyway as I had to meet up with a few people at Barlow, so I hopped back in the Focus and carried on down the road to the Tim Horton’s. Side note – I’ve had so much coffee from the Barlow Tim Horton’s that I’ve even managed to win a few drinks and donuts during this year’s Roll Up The Rim!

Barlow Feb 26 2016 1

One thing I like about the Barlow meets is how late they go. I’ve shown up after midnight on a few occasions (typically driving home from Mario’s) and still found several people and cars present.

Barlow Feb 26 2016 2Barlow Feb 26 2016 3

Team Revere joined the party.

Barlow Feb 26 2016 9Barlow Feb 26 2016 4

While Dom and I were walking around I spotted this sitting across the lot so I made a quick detour. Newer readers may not know this, but I have a similar white Grand Prix SE myself (admittedly in much better shape) which has been sitting in storage for far too long. I need to bring it out this year.

Barlow Feb 26 2016 12Barlow Feb 26 2016 5

Easily the loudest car there! The paint also had an amazing amount of sparkle in it which doesn’t come across in the photo – neither does the insane volume the stereo was capable of.

Barlow Feb 26 2016 7Barlow Feb 26 2016 6

What drew me to this R32 was actually the wheels – my favourite set of all time.

Barlow Feb 26 2016 8Barlow Feb 26 2016 10

Last but not least, this tasteful FR-S…

Barlow Feb 26 2016 11

…with this monster of a splitter!

That’s it for the photos today but I’ve also included below the most recent video on the YouTube channel, for those who haven’t seen it yet. I’m already editing the video from this week’s meet, following which a few of us decided to head to the tunnel (Calgarians will know what I’m talking about) for a couple of quick runs before calling it a night.

Thanks for reading, and have a good one!


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