Time to Reflect

I apologize for the corny title.

I wasn’t initially planning on putting up a post about this but given the feedback and requests I’ve had, I thought that I would. Also, today is probably the best day to do so – I’ll explain what I mean by that below.

Reflective 1

For a while I’ve had some reflective vinyl in my stock which admittedly was rarely used. I was throwing around some ideas as to how to put it to use when Ken Block unveiled his new livery for Gymkhana 8 – his Ford Fiesta was sporting some reflective graphics and that was inspiration/motivation to grab my vinyl and cut a few things.

Reflective 2

The material itself works very well for vehicle graphics, as Reggie – and now Ken – have proved.

Reflective 3

I cut some small decals for myself and wound up throwing a few on the Focus for fun, and also to see how I liked the look.

Reflective 5

This is why using reflective vinyl on a car can be so cool; provided you can find a vinyl that decently matches the paint of your car, it can be more or less completely hidden in certain light…

Reflective 4

…while showing up perfectly clear at other times. I was very happy with the results and plan to play with it more, but it would appear many others are getting ideas too. Almost immediately after I posted the first picture requests started coming in for custom decals cut from the material. Already some have been picked up and applied, and more are in the works.

Now, why did I feel that today was a good time to put this post up? That’s because Gymkhana 8 launches on YouTube tonight! I’ll be checking it out as soon as it goes live and I can’t wait to see what Ken and his team came up with this time.

Next up we’ll return to the coverage from World of Wheels, but I wanted to get this live to provide a mini update on the Focus and also share that reflective decals are possible! Thank you everyone for your continued support of MacKenCo Design!


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