Driven 2016 – Part 4

Driven. Part 4. You know the drill. Let’s begin!

Driven 2016 82

One of the cars featured in Brent’s booth this year was Patrick’s RWB, Kokumajutsu. It was drawing a fairly steady crowd from what I saw, even before the models arrived. Haha

Driven 2016 81

I have photos of the rest of the vehicles that were showing for Brent but they’ll be later on in the coverage. I had already edited these photos for Patrick so I thought I’d throw them in today’s post.

Driven 2016 83

There were lots of ILLEST goodies available (look on the dash) and I was able to grab a keychain for myself. Thanks again Patrick!

Driven 2016 84

VEX had their monster Supra on display – the one that should push out over 1000hp when completed.

Driven 2016 85

I like seeing aero pieces from different manufacturers mixed together, such as on this 350Z. The sparkle on this thing was unreal!

Driven 2016 86Driven 2016 87

There seemed to be a lot of 240SXs in the Oval this year. There are five in this post alone!

Driven 2016 88

Really clean Mk3 supra, and a RHD example too.

Driven 2016 89Driven 2016 90

The retrofitted Rocket Bunny widebody was the first thing from this IS to grab my attention, but it was soon diverted to the front wheels…

Driven 2016 91

..because of the insane amount of steering angle! I saw plenty of people break their necks over this.

Driven 2016 92Driven 2016 93

What really stood out to us about this particular 240 was not the rear-mounted radiator itself, but how clean its install was. The fitment was also seriously impressive.

Driven 2016 94

I should point out that the lights under this R32 were working properly. The reason that one isn’t lit here is because they were all flashing individually to create a little light show and I just happened to snap the photo when that one had shut off.

Driven 2016 95

Driven 2016 96

R32s all the way through to R35s were represented at the show this year – there was even a Hakosuka, which will be shown later on in the coverage. That was a surprise.

Driven 2016 97Driven 2016 98Driven 2016 99

There were quite a number of RB26s in the Oval, though not all were housed in Skylines. This one looked right at home in the bay of this 240Z.

Driven 2016 100

Not far from it was another RB26 swapped 240, although an SX and not a Z.

Driven 2016 101Driven 2016 102

If you fully wrap a Raptor , is it a wraptor? Insert philosoraptor here.

Driven 2016 103

Last but not least today is this black Chevy Beretta Z26, the sight of which surprised us. A lot of work went into this one and the highlight was a V6 engine swap with a turbo thrown on for good measure. This was definitely one of the most unique platforms at the show.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the Driven coverage so far! There’s still more to come (I may have been a bit trigger-happy with the camera) but that will be next week. For the next post I want to share a few photos from a recent weekly meet, to get them live before the next one takes place.

As always, thanks for reading!


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