Menace Rides Meet – MAY 11th

Today we take a quick break from Driven coverage for a few photos from last week’s Menace Rides meet, so that I can get these live before this week’s gathering. Also, in anticipation of sharing more photos from these meets I have gone ahead and started a new subcategory here on the site for them.

I had skipped the Menace Rides meet the week prior as I was prepping my car for Driven and also didn’t want to show off the new headlights. Unfortunately when last Wednesday rolled around the weather wasn’t the greatest but it was nice to stop by and hang out with a few friends for a little bit.

Because it was later in the evening and the light was fading I didn’t take many photos, but I hope you enjoy regardless!

Menace May 11 1

First up, Kanji’s BRZ which had its new wheels and side skirts on. This thing has certainly changed a lot since last season.

Menace May 11 2Menace May 11 3

Brent brought out his super low Legacy after showing it at Driven. As the mock NOLIFT banner hints at, yes this thing is static!

Menace May 11 4Menace May 11 5

Devon had his R34 at the meet – Devon is the man behind Shinkiro Style, and many of his decals could be seen on the cars.

Menace May 11 7Menace May 11 8

Andrew stopped by a little later in the evening, in his Mk1 Focus sitting super low on an aggressive set of ESMs.

Menace May 11 6

He brought his puppy Benji along, who got plenty of attention all night. So cute!

Menace May 11 9Menace May 11 11Menace May 11 10

And up last, Charles’ infamous R33; lots of people got upset when the quarters were cut up for the widebody but it had to be done! Can’t have tires fouling on the stock quarters.

With this little post up, next we will return to our regularly scheduled programming – Driven 2016! Until then, have a good one!


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