Driven 2016 – Part 6

At last, the conclusion to the Driven coverage! I mentioned on Instagram last night that over the last few days I unfortunately couldn’t devote any time to the site due to dealing with Ketchup (the ST), but I made a point to get this post out today so that I can move ahead to the 780 opener photos!

Without further ado, the final set of Driven photos:

Driven 2016 135

Up first is B-Pro’s booth, which included a Maserati! Admittedly I didn’t notice it right away though, because R34 GT-R.

Driven 2016 136

Speaking of R34 GT-Rs, one of the local examples has GTRAWR as its license plate, so I found the similar plate on this mental looking R35 amusing.

Driven 2016 138Driven 2016 137

Parked front and center at the entrance this year were LOWCALS with several cars. These are Jesse’s (Supra) and Jason’s (BRZ).

Driven 2016 139

Everyone probably know’s David’s R34 sedan. Unless we’re talking about GT-Rs, I prefer the sedans over the coupes personally.

Driven 2016 140

Rob’s LS-powered 240SX was sporting a few new upgrades for the season. The new Sparcos were a nice addition.

Driven 2016 141

Alex’s S14 and Brad’s R33, both looking good.

Driven 2016 159

Lastly, Dylan’s TL with a bit of a VIP twist to it.

Driven 2016 142

This is the 1036 hp Civic seen in Part 5 – I came back to it later in the day and grabbed this shot of the engine which I wanted to include here. This car certianly combines show and go.

Driven 2016 143Driven 2016 144

Aldrich and Josh had their Audi wagons on display. Josh’s Allroad looks so angry compared to Aldrich’s S6.

Driven 2016 145Driven 2016 146

One of the surprises at the show was seeing this Rocket Bunny RC350! I can’t wait to see this thing progress further.

Driven 2016 147Driven 2016 148

Probably one of the most modified cars at the show was this E36 which was capable of 750 whp on race gas! As a random note, I’m pretty sure I recognize those hood louvers – they looked like the OEM ’94-96 Grand Prix pieces. Things only I would notice…

Driven 2016 149

The only car from Brent’s booth which had yet to be shown in the coverage – this M&M widebody S2000. The kit adds a serious amount of width to the car! This was another one of my favourites from the show for how complete it was.

Driven 2016 150Driven 2016 152

This ER34 was pretty impressive. Understated exterior with a rather nice engine and bay.

Driven 2016 151Driven 2016 153

This 3000GT really stood out. Part of that was due to the fact it was a 3000GT to begin with, but this was a seriously reworked example. The overall style was a bit of a throwback but just about everything had been modified.

Driven 2016 154

According to the spec sheet the owner had been building it since late 2006! There was definitely a lot of time and effort in it.

Driven 2016 155

Finally, we have this trio of FR-Ss. In terms of styling the white example up front was my favourite – I’m such a fan of the Blitz bumper.

Driven 2016 67

At this point, to wrap up the coverage I want to turn the focus (ha) to mine. Most reading this probably know anyway but I think it’s a nice way to end the series – the sedan took Best in Show Domestic Tuner!

Driven 2016 156

This is something I had been working towards for a while, and over the last year I had made a point to round out the car and work on what I felt was its weak point – performance.

Driven 2016 157

It was the perfect way to end the show and I need to once again extend a huge thank you to everyone who has helped with the car over the last few years to get it where it is today. This couldn’t have happened without the support of others!

Driven 2016 158

It also means that Mario and I in a way, have taken the trophy back to back. Last year we had enough Foci for a Focus category and Ketchup won; this year we didn’t so it was the Domestic Tuner category and Mustard won.

It’s time for us to now get to work for 2017’s show, which brings me back to what I alluded to at the start of the post; I need to get back to helping Mario with the ST. Watch this space!


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