Driven 2016 – Part 5

Today we get back to Driven photos, with what will be the second to last post recapping the show. Do I really need a long intro at this point in the coverage? I don’t think so. Start scrolling!

Driven 2016 114

During the show I made sure to grab a couple of shots from the upper level to help illustrate the size of the event. This is probably around half of the vehicles that were in the Oval that day!

Driven 2016 105

Part 4 started off with RWB Kokumajutsu which was one of the vehicles in Brent’s 403Media booth – Benjamin’s TSX, and the next few, are some of the others. Side note – Ben’s TSX and Patrick’s RWB are the same colour (Porsche Grey Black).

Driven 2016 107

This amount of work that has gone into this car is unbelievable and it has deservedly won a number of awards.

Driven 2016 104

Since last year when it was in Calgary for Driven, it went off to SEMA and won the PASMAG Tuner Battlegrounds, which meant it wound up on the cover of the magazine! I made sure to grab a copy for myself when they hit shelves.

Driven 2016 106Driven 2016 108

Driven 2016 was the unveiling of Brent’s Legacy after a makeover, which included a full wrap. Leading up to the show he had refused to share any colour photos of it leaving everyone to wonder what vinyl he had chosen.

Driven 2016 109

Colin’s Speed 3 had also been wrapped in prep for the show, in matte white. It was a relatively subtle (but very effective) change as the car was white originally.

Driven 2016 110Driven 2016 111

This 350Z stopped us all in our tracks. This was absolutely one of my favourite cars of the show, for the sheer amount of work that had gone into it – the mod list was huge. The fit and finish were also incredible.

Driven 2016 112

This blue EK from Speedtech was doing a great job of turning heads all day, thanks in part to the parachute strapped to the back of it. Looking at the engine led us to expect big numbers, but the real figures still shocked us – 1036 hp / 632 tq!

Driven 2016 113

Ross’ car is a great example of how to build an R34. Take notes.

Driven 2016 116Driven 2016 115

The turbocharged Integra that I had seen at a recent Menace meet was part of Garage Box’s group for the show. I have no idea who owns it but I am definitely a fan.

Driven 2016 118Driven 2016 119Driven 2016 120

Braydon brought his ST down to the show, complete with new AG wheels stuffed under Agency Power flares all around.

Driven 2016 121

Also in the BagBarn booth with Braydon’s ST was this white on white STi.

Driven 2016 122Driven 2016 123

I’d have to say this was the biggest surprise of the show for a lot of us – a Hakosuka! This was the first time we had seen one in person and it was a little surreal to be honest.

Driven 2016 124

It’s too bad our personalized plates only allow 7 letters but it still worked pretty well.

Driven 2016 125

This targa top Supra was sporting one of my all-time favourite sets of wheels…I may or may not have photoshopped a set of these on the Focus for fun.

Driven 2016 126

Another Grey Black painted car, Gugliano’s Civic. You may remember this from my coverage of the RWB unveiling.

Driven 2016 127Driven 2016 128

I was excited to see Matt’s 944, as the last time I had seen it is was basically a shell. The paint colour on this is rather special as it’s from an LFA, and only one was painted in this exact shade from factory.

Driven 2016 129Driven 2016 130

I believe the only shot I have of Davenport’s booth is this one, of the Viper ACR. I somewhat understand the inclusion of the barriers but really all they do is get in the way.

Driven 2016 117Driven 2016 134

One car I was willing to work around barriers for was ZR Auto’s bonkers Enzo.

Driven 2016 131Driven 2016 132

I don’t even know how best to caption these photos. This thing is absolutely mental.

Driven 2016 133

I have always been a fan of the Enzo, and this is one on steroids.

The ZXX is probably a good place to stop for today, so please stay tuned for the 6th and final post for Driven 2016! Moving on from the show coverage, I have some photos from this past weekend to share – of the 780 Tuners Opener – and I also need to provide some more information and reviews on some of the updates the Focus saw leading up to Driven.

More soon – have a good one!


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