Shinkiro Sunday

Devon of Shinkiro Style organized a small gathering on Sunday at the old Beyond meet location, and I made my way over to show support and hang out for a little bit. His plans called for a cruise afterwards to Peter’s but I didn’t take part in that as Mario and I had plans to go location scouting for some photos we were wanting to take.

Speaking of photos I didn’t take too many that evening but hopefully you all enjoy the following anyway! Thanks to Devon for organizing the little get-together!

Shinkiro Sunday 2

It was a beautiful evening and it was really nice to be back at the old stomping grounds. Not too long after I arrived so did Mario and Brenda, as well as Derrick and Ryan.

Shinkiro Sunday 3

I can’t say I know the owner of this 180SX, but it just oozes style.

Shinkiro Sunday 4

Derrick and Mario took the opportunity to remove some old decals from the Camaro, to clean it up a bit in preparation for new ones. Just yesterday in fact we started on a new windshield banner for it by applying the background layer. Once the text is on too we’ll be showing it off!

Shinkiro Sunday 1Shinkiro Sunday 5

Since picking it up Mario had been spending all of his free time driving Sriracha it seemed, in an effort to get it through break-in as fast as possible. It wasn’t quite there when this photo was taken but since then has gone well past that point. Time for fun!

Shinkiro Sunday 6Shinkiro Sunday 7

It’s awesome to see so many Shinkiro Style banners on cars around the city. I make them so it’s cool to see my work on others’ cars but it’s also good to see so many people who share the idea behind Shinkiro Style – that is, build your car the way you want to. Build your dreams.

Shinkiro Sunday 8

My Focus of course, and Devon’s R34. All of the photos taken of my car following this show it without the Cup Spoilers and splitter – anyone who watches LOWCALS’ videos will know that the splitter and one Cup Spoiler were ripped off recently and while I had it temporarily repaired here, both Cups are now off for a proper repaint.

Also, where did they get ripped off you ask? Peter’s…

Shinkiro Sunday 9

A full shot of Mario’s new banner. Apparently it’s getting a lot of attention!

Shinkiro Sunday 10

Derrick had also fitted new headlights on the Camaro which I don’t believe had been seen on the blog before. OEM Halos!

Shinkiro Sunday 11

After a little bit most of the group went out for the cruise, and I grabbed some shots of them rolling out before we left too. Devon saw me with my camera here and actually stopped on the ramp so I could get this photo of the four cars together. Thanks Devon! Haha

Shinkiro Sunday 12Shinkiro Sunday 13

I tried a few panning shots as well but with the parkade ramp there wasn’t much of a window to get a clear photo. I was pretty pleased with this one though, of the EVO X.

That’s it for today – just a mini post – but please stay tuned for some more Focus content! The engine has been removed from Ketchup and is now ready for me to start working on it, and wouldn’t you know it – another RS arrived in town! This one however was very kindly unlocked just for Mario and I so that we could look over it in detail, and we were both very impressed.


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