Levi’s Rocket Bunny

When possible, I enjoy sharing updates on not only our own vehicles, but our friends’ as well. I am always pleased when I get the opportunity to see a project either come together for the first time, or continue its progress with the fitting of new parts. I get to see a wide variety of platforms being worked on with a number of different styles applied or different purposes guiding the builds, and it’s always just a good excuse to hang out anyway.

Today’s post takes a look at a project which was last seen on the blog quite a while ago. The car in question is Levi’s BRZ, and I believe it was 2014 when I last took photos of it to share here. Since then it has spent most of its time parked as various parts were ordered and collected in preparation for a makeover. Levi has gone through a handful of other vehicles while the BRZ has been parked including an S14 that was seen in the coverage of the Menace Mid-2016 meet, but now it too is gone as his focus is on finishing the Toyobaru.

Recently he began sharing a few photos online of the car as it started to come together and I just had to see it for myself. We coordinated, and on Friday I headed over to check it out.

Levi BRZ 3

As a quick throwback, and for purposes of comparison with the photos below, this is a shot of the car back in late 2014 following the fitting of a set of white TE37s. Stock body, super aggressive fitment, and a few small tweaks here and there…

Levis Bunny 2

…and this is a shot of the car on Friday, following the final fitting of its new Rocket Bunny V2 kit! I’ve never kept my obsession with anything Rocket Bunny a secret; I think most of the kits are just really cool, and the V2 kit for the FR-S/BRZ chassis is possibly my favourite of them all.

Levis Bunny 1

This kit is also the reason that the car was parked for so long. Not only was there the expense of the aero itself, but on top of that were the other costs involved in seeing it through to completion. Panels had to be cut and welded, massive wheels and tires were needed, and there was the bodywork and paint for the new pieces as well.

Levis Bunny 3

At last though, the car is just about ready to return to the streets of Calgary…following a good bath among other things. You may have noticed that yes, there is a bit of dust on it.

Levis Bunny 5

I rather like how Levi mixed things up a bit by combining the V2 Rocket Bunny widebody and diffuser with the V1 wing. As a matter of fact, this wing and trunk are off of Reggie’s Varis Bunny FR-S which now wears a Swan Neck wing. I also hadn’t appreciated just how heavy the wing and stands are until I tried opening the trunk for myself!

Levis Bunny 4

The car also now wears Tom’s tail lights, specifically the JDM version with the amber turn signals. Check out the tire too – this thing is super wide and the amount of tread showing only helps exaggerate the effect.

Levis Bunny 6

At the time of my visit the BRZ still needed a few things addressed but it was super close to being ready to go. The DRLs in the front bumper had to be wired up and an exhaust system change was on the agenda too.

Levis Bunny 7

I’m looking forward to seeing it outside, not just to check it out but also to get some photos with better light, and from other angles! There wasn’t the most light or room in the garage. Haha

Levis Bunny 8

I’d like to say thanks again to Levi for letting me check it out – apparently I was the first to see it in person obviously excluding those that worked on it, and it was really cool to see a V2 kit in person.

I hope that you all enjoyed this quick post; unfortunately the weather here in Calgary continues to be poor so I’ve barely made it out to any meets, but last night it was decent enough so a few of us stopped by Barlow to catch up and see the cars. Looking ahead to this week I should be receiving most of the final parts for Mustard’s engine swap, and if the rain will go away we’ll have Lamborghini night at Cars and Coffee to enjoy!

Mario is also continuing to go nuts and now has side skirts, coilovers, and wheels on the way for Sriracha. Only four more weeks to Sunday School!


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