Mustard and Sriracha: The new fifteen52 Project ST cars!

Anyone who is a regular reader of the blog should definitely be familiar with fifteen52. Mario and I are both pretty big fans of their products (Ketchup and Mustard have each seen a couple sets of their wheels along with other parts from them) and what they are doing in the Focus/Fiesta world. Last year Mustard was even featured on their Project ST site which I was very proud of.

Well, for the last few months Mario and I had been keeping a secret but at last we can share it with everyone – Mustard and Sriracha are the new fifteen52 Project ST cars!

Project ST Cars 1

If you head on over to the Project ST site, the current top story is the first in what will be a series documenting both of the cars as they progress. I’ve included a link to the article at the bottom of the post.

Project ST Cars 2

Each car has also received its own category, with Fiesta Sriracha being Mario’s and Focus STedan being mine. Clicking on either of those will bring you to a new page containing all of the entires about each car. It’s pretty cool to see our vehicles listed alongside fifteen52’s own cars, including STanced which is the car that Ketchup’s old air suspension came from!

1552 Ketchup and Mustard

The reason that we had to wait to share this was because the original plan was for Mustard and Ketchup to be the cars featured on the site, but you all know what happened there…

1552 Sriracha and Mustard

As a matter of fact – and I even mention it in the opening article on fifteen52 – the very day that we got word from Brad that this would be happening was the day that Mario was hit. I got the email from Brad, I told Mario the good news, and about 3 hours later he was struck while on his way home from work.

1552 Sriracha and Mustard 3

Once everything was sorted with insurance and Mario had picked up Sriracha, we could pick up where we left off and carried on getting set to share our builds on Project ST.

1552 Sriracha and Mustard 4

Yesterday I received another email from Brad saying that the first story was about to go live and it wasn’t long before the site was updated and we could finally share the exciting news.

1552 Sriracha and Mustard 2

This is an amazing opportunity and Mario and I are both very proud and excited to have been given it. Be sure to click the link below to head on over to Project ST and see the first entry! More will be coming soon as Sriracha will get its first update post, and it won’t be long before yet more new parts are installed on it and Mustard gets pulled apart for the fitting of Ketchup’s old heart.

I want to say on behalf of both of us, thank you again to Brad and the team at fifteen52 for this opportunity, and we hope you all enjoy following along with STedan (Mustard) and Sriracha over on Project ST!


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