Cars and Coffee – July 19th

As I was checking back through the archives, I discovered that this will be the first post covering Cars and Coffee for 2016! I have been attending the meets as much as possible and have even filmed a bit at them for the YouTube channel, but apparently I’d yet to put together a post of photos for this season. I suppose that one of their Lamborghini night is a good way to get started on that!

This past Tuesday was a great meet for two reasons; not only was it their special Lamborghini night as mentioned, but as well the weather finally cooperated for it. The last few meets suffered from less than ideal weather so only a few cars would show up each time; this time around it was beautiful out, so the weather combined with the promise of some insane Lambos drew quite a crowd.

I didn’t go trigger happy like I sometimes do as I already have a pile of photos from all of the recent work on the cars to edit and share, but here’s a taste of what we saw on Tuesday. As long as the weather’s nice you can expect a great turnout at these so stop on by one week to check it out in person if you haven’t already! Head on over to the Events page for more details.

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 1

While the focus of the evening was Lamborghini, of course that didn’t mean that they were the only vehicles in the lot.

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 2

Early on I spied Mike and Gugliano pulling in so we wandered over to where they parked (there was also a Pokestop near them…that had nothing to do with our walk over I swear). The EK and FD were looking good as always.

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 3

The sun meanwhile was making Gugliano’s wheels turn all colours of the rainbow with their Spectrum Silver finish.

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 4

Walking back towards the main area took us past this nice Frozen M3.

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 5

Is it just me, or are there more 360s appearing now?

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 6Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 7Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 10

Still not at the Lamborghinis, but these are worth showing off; a few new demo Rolls were on display and we couldn’t not take a look.

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 8Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 9

This gorgeous 458 Speciale was drawing a fair bit of attention unsurprisingly. I had to wait a while to get clear shots of it.

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 11

McLaren was represented too with a pair of 650Ss…I’m still hoping to see a 675LT some day!

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 12

And now we move on to some of the Lamborghinis present, starting off with this bright green Huracan spyder. It even had green stitching to complement the paint.

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 13

A little further down the row was this trio of Aventador SVs (two coupes and a roadster) which had countless photos taken of them all evening. They were even almost Gulf colours!

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 14Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 15

Later on a mini Murcielago even joined the fun which caused a few laughs.

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 16

When cars start to leave the event many people (myself included) will hustle over to the main road to watch as naturally, not everyone leaves gingerly. Rob’s LS240 may have gotten a little lively…

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 17

After a little while, once a number of cars had left and there was a break in the action, we headed back into the parking lot to make another lap and see what still remained. How’s this for a lineup of some of Lamborghini’s past models?

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 18

The Shmee-spec Cayman GT4 was out again (Fellow watchers of Shmee150 should understand what I mean); I’ve seen this a few times now.

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 19

Don even stopped by with his new toy, Captain Slow 2.0. Of course Minis are small and we all know it, but seeing just how tiny they are in person is still a surprise, every time. We should try to squeeze Derrick inside and see how well that goes.

Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 20Cars and Coffee July 19 2016 21

Last but not least is this pretty well-disguised Miata that caught my eye before Don and his Mini. After saying bye to him I ran back over to grab a couple of photos of this because it was so cool. The interior was a giveaway but from the outside, not much remained to tip you off as to what it was underneath.

And with that, it’s a wrap on the first Cars and Coffee post for 2016! I hope to make it out to this week’s as well, along with Wednesday’s meets, as the final events before we get started on my car so hopefully they all see good turnouts! Here’s hoping the weather cooperates for us.


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