Menace Rides Meet – July 27th

Happy Friday everyone! For today I have a small selection of photos from Wednesday’s Menace meet – I didn’t stay too long but I had to deliver some decals to Charles and I wanted to get some shots for what could be the last substantial post for a little while.

For the next several days I’ll be devoting much of my time to getting the Focus torn down and then back up and running with its new drive train. Covering meets or friends’ projects will be out of the question until it’s back on the road, but I do have more photos of Sriracha’s progress waiting to be shared on fifteen52’s Project ST site – when those are live I’ll be sure to post announcements and links here! In the meantime, to stay up to date with our progress be sure to follow our Instagram (officialthreetwenty) as photos will be shared there since it’s obviously much faster to do so on that platform than it is to edit, upload, and post them here.

Our deadline, for those unaware, is the annual ill.motion Sunday School which is a whopping 16 days away! 16. One-six. Two weeks and two days. Oh boy.

While we begin tearing apart my car and potentially tearing our hair out, enjoy these photos from a couple of nights ago!

Menace July 27 12

First up is this clean RHD CRX which I’ve seen around a few times. The “Wrong Side Officer” decal on the passenger window is always funny.

Menace July 27 13

This super cool little Micra was a car I didn’t recall seeing before. The exhaust certainly turned a few heads.

Menace July 27 2

Not too long after I arrived, Charles then showed up to officially unveil the new look of his R33. The infamous “ruined” skyline was wrapped a bright red and as a matter of fact, the video of that just went up yesterday on the LOWCALS YouTube channel.

Menace July 27 3

Charles had sent me some teasers as the work took place but they didn’t prepare me for how vivid it was in person!

Menace July 27 11

The red is a more unique colour for the R33 chassis than the ‘standard’ colours and to mix it up further the wheels are different colours side to side. White went on the passenger side and black on the driver’s.

Menace July 27 10

Jesse also had his Supra out and about following a single-turbo conversion. Shoutout to him for sporting a ThreeTwenty decal!

Menace July 27 8

Pokemon (on the) Go.

Menace July 27 4

Along with the opportunity to see Charles’ R33, I was also able to see Levi’s Bunny outside of the garage for the first time. I had seen some photos of it posted online but had yet to see it outside in person.

Menace July 27 5

Following some much-needed cleaning it was back to one shade too; no more dust/grey combo.

Menace July 27 6

Since I had photographed it for the site a couple of weeks back it had received the final touches including the new exhaust system that Levi had for it – note how it now has a single tip instead of duals.

Menace July 27 7

My favourite angle, for sure.

Menace July 27 9

Along with Charles’ R33, a number of people came over to check this out too.

Menace July 27 1

I think the front splitter would really add to the car but for usability it makes sense to leave it off. Without it hanging out in front of the bumper the BRZ made the exit no problem.

Menace July 27 14

After saying bye to Scott who leaves on a nearly month-long trip shortly, I decided it was time to call it a night myself and head back home; but not before a quick shot of this S13.5 which has been seen on here before.

Like I said it was a small selection of photos but I wanted to get the site updated today before we find ourselves surrounded by parts of my car. Now that the big day is finally here I am a mix of excitement and nerves; what has been my trusty, reliable daily for the last five years now gets torn apart by our group of friends and put back together with a combination of parts from it, parts from Mario’s ST, new OEM components, and a harness from Rebel Devil Customs.

My garage is full of car parts, we have a tight deadline, and I grabbed more coffee and Red Bull at the grocery store this week. Let’s do this!


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