Menace Rides Meets – Photos, and a PSA

Today’s post is actually a combination of two separate Menace meets – August 24th’s and September 7th’s.

As we progress through the year, we are losing the light earlier and earlier in the evenings. Given the later start time of the weekly Menace meets it leaves a smaller and smaller window of decent light for photos so I find myself not taking anywhere near as many each week. I’ll typically grab a few photos here and there and edit them anyway, sometimes to send to the owners of the vehicles or share on Instagram, but they sometimes don’t end up here if I feel I don’t have enough to justify a post. Following the editing of last night’s photos, I decided to combine them with another set from a couple of weeks ago as it would not only make for a worthwhile number of shots, but it would allow me to get a post up to address some issues that have been brought up recently.

We are very fortunate to have a location such as this lot to use for a meet each week. A big thank-you goes to Justin for putting in the time and effort to organize all of this as the meets have been a welcome addition for the local community. However, lately some individuals have been putting them at risk through excessive revving and even leaving garbage behind in the parking lot.

It is a privilege to have a location such as this that we can take over each week and behaviour like this does nothing but put us all at risk of losing it. Being reckless, annoying, and messy only increases the chances of having a repeat of what happened to the old Beyond meets; after several years of successful gatherings they were ultimately shut down due to too many irresponsible people deciding it’d be cool to stunt and show off as they left each week. Actions like this cause the whole community to suffer as we continually lose access to places to host regular meets and leads venues and non-enthusiasts to look down on us as a whole.

The requests are so simple that it’s amazing some people can’t follow them. Don’t hoon, don’t annoy residents or shop owners, and don’t litter. Appreciate that we have been given a location to have weekly get-togethers, and show the due respect to not only those who have granted us access, but to the rest of the car community who don’t want to lose another venue and simply want to be able to meet up with other enthusiasts and admire everyone’s projects.



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