Cars and Coffee Returns September 13th

It has been a little while since any Cars and Coffee coverage was shared, and that’s because it has been a little while since there was a Cars and Coffee at all.

The events were postponed following an incident on July 26th. The driver of a BMW decided to try and show off while leaving the meet but lost control and spun the car up on to the sidewalk, hitting two pedestrians in the process. Out of respect for the women who were injured the events were immediately suspended.

The announcement has now been made that they will return Tuesday September 13th (next week) at the usual time and place – 7PM at Cardel Theatre.

I am very much looking forward to the return of Cars and Coffee as friends and I all had a lot of fun at the events, and enjoyed the opportunities to see some truly rare and special vehicles from a range of high-end manufacturers. I will certainly be there on September 13th (provided the weather is good, of course) and look forward to seeing what shows up.

As well, it has been reported that the organizers have been working with the Calgary Police to have some assistance in keeping attendees in check, and to ensure no more noise complaints or incidents occur. Be safe and responsible, everyone.



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