Park and Polish 2016 – Part 3

It’s Saturday, so as promised it’s time for the final portion of Park and Polish 2016 coverage! As noted in the previous post, today’s will cover the last two sections of the show…




…and Classic. Park and Polish does a great job of bringing together a number of high quality vehicles representing various genres of the automotive world, and it’s always nice to have the opportunity to check out other styles or eras of vehicles to see what’s being done by enthusiasts.


Davenport had a nice group of Camaros, including an original featuring a modern heart transplant.


Hard to miss was the trio of yellow S197 Mustangs, with this Roush in the middle.


Helping to make the row even brighter was this Corvette parked next to the Mustangs – specifically, a C7.R Edition Z06 and number 031 at that.


Carbon fiber, microfiber, and yellow stitching. Yes please! Interior goals right here.


Of these sections, I’d have to say my personal favourite vehicle was this 1970 Plymouth Superbird. These and their Charger Daytona siblings are cars I go crazy for and I finally could see one in person.


As it happens I’ve also been building a model of one, so I was happy to get the chance to grab some reference shots.


It was awesome to see this pair of GT350H Mustangs – one new and one old. The ’66 was marked as a tribute though, so I’m assuming it was converted to GT350H spec but that’s beside the point. H, for those unaware, is for Hertz.


It’s always pretty crazy to come across a car like this ’27 Model T and consider that nearly 90 years ago (in this case), it was someone’s new pride and joy. That always gets me when I stop and think about it.


Of course I can never pass up a Mustang, but when I was looking over this Mach 1 it was the license plate frame that caught my attention most – “My other car is a Shelby”. On a Mach 1. Winning.


Ask me what I’d pick for my ultimate do-everything vehicle, and I’d pick a superwagon. A station wagon on steroids is just a cool concept.


Superbird again, because why not.


While not technically part of the show I’ll include this anyway – a new Shelby F150, brought out by Woodridge. Later in the day it was started up and revved and it sounded utterly insane with the supercharger whine!


For those who found a 700-HP pickup with racing stripes to be a bit much, they also had a new MKZ parked on the other side of the tent. I quite like Lincoln’s current styling and the new MKZ is rather handsome in my opinion.

With that, my look at Park and Polish 2016 is concluded! I want to extend a big thank you to everyone involved for putting on yet another great show, and I can’t wait to return next fall. With all of the crazy supercars coming out, builds in town that continue to improve, and new projects being started on, next year’s line-up of vehicles should be rather impressive once again.


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