Focus RS – Gotta Spot ’em All

In our market there are four different colours offered for the new Focus RS – Nitrous Blue, Shadow Black, Stealth Grey and Frozen White. Thanks to the Calgary Auto Show, meets, and keeping tabs on what dealerships were receiving, I had seen a few RSs over the season in three of those colours. The one I had yet to see in person was Frozen White – until recently that is.


Advantage Ford, the dealership that we turned to for programming of my car following the conversion, posted on their Instagram that they had a white RS sitting on their lot so it immediately caught my attention. I threw my camera in the car and made my way over to go check it out.


Upon arrival I found it out front at the end of one of the first rows. From sitting outside it had a little bit of dust and dirt on it but being white, most of it wasn’t that obvious for the pictures.


I had inquired, but since this particular car had been sold I wasn’t able to open it up and take a look inside. That was okay though as earlier this year Mario and I had that opportunity with a black RS anyway, so if you want to see interior shots you can click here for that post.


I was fine with just having the chance to grab a few shots of the white hatch, but little did I know upon arrival that I’d soon be climbing into another RS for a quick ride! Say what?


Thanks for making that happen goes to Kevin – the shop foreman, and the man who actually programmed the sedan incidentally. While I was there I ran into him and so we started chatting. When I mentioned that I was there to check out the white RS, he asked if I’d been in one yet. I hadn’t, so he promptly set out to change that.


As it happened, sitting over in the service bay was a black RS owned by one of the managers at the dealership. Kevin called him up and basically asked if he could steal the car for a couple of minutes to take me out in it, for which he received permission. The short spin in the car certainly proved to me just how wicked fast these things are and even with it being on winter tires there was no shortage of grip.


Back from the drive, I thanked Kevin again for making that happen (and of course a big thanks goes to the owner of the car as well!) – it was a good thing I ran into him! While I still hope to drive an RS eventually, the passenger ride was more than I was expecting that day and I was happy to get a tiny bit of first-hand experience with the car after reading and watching so many reviews of it from journalists and owners the world over.


One more thing that happened as a result of me visiting Advantage that day though was Brian getting a little jealous that I had been able to see all four colours of RSs before he had even seen a single example in person. To fix that we coordinated and on another free day met at the dealership while the RS was still there, and spent some time admiring it as well as the other vehicles on hand – including a selection of Shelby GT350s and GT350Rs! Of course I didn’t pass up the opportunity to grab some photos of those, and they’ll be going up here on the site soon. Stay tuned for that!


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