The Top 5 Posts of 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

The 2016 review posts are both live, and we are now properly in 2017, but before moving on to new content I want to take one final look back at 2016 today with a quick countdown of the most popular posts from the last 12 months. This is something that I have done for a few years now and it’s always interesting to see what you all enjoyed the most out of the various articles and features that go live on this site – I even usually get messages from friends at the end of the year with their predictions, not wanting to wait to find out if this post or that post made the list, so it seems there’s real interest in learning what the most popular stories were.

Let’s now get started with the countdown, and if you don’t see your own favourite here I’d be curious to know just what it was!

#5. Josè’s Last Day in Canada 

Cochrane run 27

Coming in at number 5, this post documented the last day of Josè’s trip to Canada back in August. It was the day after Sunday School and we took the chance to not only show him a few more sights, but to also get part of the group together for one more cruise and a few more pictures before he had to head back to NorCal.

Cochrane run 22

We had known Josè for a few years at this point but this trip was the only time we had – and still have – ever had the chance to hang out in person. It was a truly incredible few days and we made sure to enjoy every last minute of it before having to say goodbye. Whether it be in 2017 or beyond, we will get him up here again.

#4. The Right Decision: Richard Ciraulo’s Mk3 Focus 


Spot number 4 this year was claimed by the feature of Richard Ciraulo’s Mk3 Focus hatch. This is actually the most recent post in the top five, having only gone live just under a month ago. This is an instantly recognizable Mk3 and one that surely splits opinions, but what it also is, is a showcase for some incredible craftsmanship.


While the car also features new lighting, an RS-style bumper, air suspension, and more, the highlight is definitely the one-off, all-metal widebody that allows it to swallow 10.5″ and 12″ wide wheels! Regardless of whether you like the look or not, you can’t deny that some serious skill and talent were involved in the building of this car – and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

#3. RDC Builds Another ST-Powered Mk3 Sedan 

ST Sedan 2 1

It was no real surprise when Mike Johnson of Rebel Devil Customs wound up at the top of last year’s list. When we could finally reveal his reborn Focus – the world’s first ST-swapped Mk3 sedan – he basically won the internet that day as far as the Focus community was concerned. As such, it wasn’t surprising to see similar results when ST4 #002 was unveiled back in April of this year.

ST Sedan 2 16

One thing that has been noted about the ST4s is how each one is unique in regards to its appearance – no two have been built alike – and #002 remains as the only one to keep a completely stock exterior. So that it could surprise (and probably confuse) real ST owners just that much more however, it was decided that a Stage 3 ST drivetrain just wasn’t powerful enough and so this was the first big turbo ST4 as well.

#2. RWB YYC – Part 1 


This year’s runner-up was the first post documenting the day of RWB YYC’s (Kokumajutsu’s) reveal. Ultimately it was a series of 4 posts, with Part 1 starting from before the car was even seen for the first time. The entire atmosphere was amazing as everyone was eagerly awaiting the chance to see both the car and Nakai-san, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share some of the lead-up to the reveal.


The post then showed photos of the first test-drive as Nakai-san and Patrick went for a lap around the area, and concluded with the car being pulled into the Tunerworks showroom so that we could all see it up close and in detail. Given the excitement and enthusiasm around RWB it was no surprise to see one of the posts on it make this list, but does that leave you wondering what beat it out for the top spot?

The #1 Post from 2016…

If you thought that Kokumajutsu would be seen somewhere on this list, you were of course right. If you thought that it would specifically be on the top of this list, you were…

…also right.

When I reviewed the numbers and saw what had received the most views, I can’t say I was really surprised to see that all of the posts from this particular event had been well-received. This was not only a big deal for our city, but every time a new RWB is revealed news of it spreads pretty fast given the enthusiasm for them. So yes, the coverage of Kokumajutsu’s debut holds not one but two spots on this list. The question is though, with there being four separate posts on the day, which one exactly came in at number 1?


#1. RWB YCC – Part 2

The answer, is Part 2. Whereas Part 1 had been the lead up to the reveal and the first drive of the car, Part 2 focused solely on the 964. I was able to provide a set of photos of the then-newest RWB as well as a video of the entire day, including a clip of that first drive. This post contains some of my favourite photos of the year and the video was something I was very happy to have been able to put together to share, and also just to have to remember the day with.


All of us present thoroughly enjoyed the event and I’m very pleased to see that all of you enjoyed the relayed coverage of it as well. I don’t know if or when we’ll see another RWB built in Calgary, so I’ll forever be happy that we got to see this one and meet Nakai-san himself. It was a definite highlight of the year for us and with two of the five top spots to be claimed by its coverage, I think it’s safe to say that it was for you all as well.


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