Menace Meets, Year 2 Volume 2


Before we conclude the Driven coverage, as a quick detour today I have some more Menace meet photos for all of you. As I had noted in the first post on this season’s meets, with everything else happening – shows, installs, etc – I don’t have the chance to share these in individual weekly posts, but regardless I still keep shooting and saving these photos for sharing when I do have the chance. I figured it was time to get some more posted for all of you to see and why not get them live with this week’s meet coming up? I hope you enjoy!

Menace April 12 2017 1

Occasionally little pre-meets will be held at the old Beyond meet location prior to the start of the Menace meets; this not only allows us the opportunity to meet up earlier – providing more time to hang out and talk cars – but as it happens the Menace location is only a few minutes away from here so it also lets us set up little convoys for the final part of the trip.

Menace April 12 2017 2

On this particular night I believe it was Brent who suggested we meet up, so I made my way over to Chinook. When he arrived we all got to see the next step of his Legacy’s transformation for 2017 – and we learned that an OEM S14 front bumper (Kouki) is pretty much a perfect fit for this generation of Legacy! A tiny bit of trimming was needed around the headlights reportedly, but the fit was otherwise basically spot-on.

Menace April 12 2017 3Menace April 12 2017 4

We didn’t make up a massive group, but it was fun to meet some new people and chat for a while as we waited for the main meet to start.

Menace April 12 2017 5Menace April 12 2017 6

S15s always get photographed. You know the drill.

Menace April 12 2017 8

After a little while it was time to make our way over so we all hopped back in our cars and did so. I couldn’t stay out too late this night so most of my time was at the pre-meet, but as it happened it wasn’t the warmest night anyway. It wasn’t bad by any means, but it wasn’t full-on summer weather yet.

Menace April 12 2017 7

The main purpose for my trip was admittedly to hand over some decals to Stephen for his FiST so once that was done and I had quickly checked out the cars, I made my way back home. Fortunately, the following week’s meet was accompanied by nicer weather and a bigger turnout.

Menace April 19 2017 1

Upon arrival the next week it didn’t take long to find the gang. Four-legged friends had joined us as well, including Penny…

Menace April 19 2017 6

…and Merlin. Every time I see him I still am taken back by his size!

Menace April 19 2017 2

Birdy rolling in, showing off his new wheels.

Menace April 19 2017 3

Brian meanwhile was showing off his new tint, which continued to surprise people with just how dark it was. And yes, every window was tinted. EVERY window.

Menace April 19 2017 20

Try to peek inside. You can’t!

Menace April 19 2017 4

This corner was apparently reserved for cars on TE37s only; it’s crazy that the same wheel can look just as good and at home on a GT-R or RC-F as it does an early-90’s Civic.

Menace April 19 2017 5

To get himself and Merlin to the meet, Aldrich had his new Element…well, I say new but in reality he bought it last summer and I hadn’t seen it in person until this meet! Of course it’s a manual, and naturally it’s been modified a bit with wheels, springs, and a retrofit.

Menace April 19 2017 7Menace April 19 2017 8

TE37 club again.

Menace April 19 2017 9

Keeping up with their channel, I see that Charles actually recently received his actual wheels, but here the R33 was still sitting on a set of borrowed rollers which fit it rather well I thought.

Menace April 19 2017 10

The widebody definitely allows for some wide tires under the arches!

Menace April 19 2017 11

“Bill, did you see the lifted Subaru?”. You never know what’ll turn up to these meets.

Menace April 19 2017 12

Only helping to add to the variety would be our favourable import laws. Lots of cars coming over are naturally more ‘ordinary’ choices like Skylines and Silvias, but occasionally someone will import something completely different like Matt did with this Honda S-MX.

Menace April 19 2017 13Menace April 19 2017 14

David’s S15 was wearing its carbon fiber hood again, following a quick colour-match though. David did so due to the tired appearance of the hood and it worked out quite well! Side note – Mary Brown’s is actually sponsoring the meets this year!

Menace April 19 2017 15Menace April 19 2017 16

Perhaps Jackie has competition for going aero-mad this year? Regardless, the plate on this Scoobie was definitely an accurate description of what the car did.

Menace April 19 2017 17Menace April 19 2017 22

Officially unveiled at Driven earlier this month, we were able to get a look ahead of time at the Liberty Walk G37 from Lost Royalty. Widebodies have of course exploded in popularity around the world in the last few years, but for us here it would seem to have been the last year or two especially when they took off.

Menace April 19 2017 18Menace April 19 2017 19

Fitment? Pretty much perfect.

Menace April 19 2017 21

The arrival of this old Celica surprised us all. I have no idea who owns it but it has been out since so it would seem that we’ll be seeing more of it this year – no complaints from me on that!

Menace April 19 2017 23

And finally, closing out the post today we have one more of Birdy’s FR-S. You may have noticed in the earlier photo that the front half of the widebody was off; this was due to clearance issues with the meaty tires and aggressive wheel sizing. Part of the challenge of widebodies!

I hope you enjoyed this quick switch over to Menace meet coverage, and don’t forget that this week’s is tomorrow! As long as the weather holds there will also be a Military Museum meet too, so here’s hoping it’s nice out and we can enjoy ourselves!


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