Mustard – A full walk-around and FAQ

To get right to the point, we get a LOT of questions about Mustard (actually, we do for all of our cars though Mustard more than the others) through our various platforms. Be it via email, Instagram, YouTube, or others, plenty of you guys want to know more about either specific aspects of the car or the thing as a whole.

This is not meant to be a complaint though I realize that through the format of text the correct tone may not be conveyed and it could come across as such. The feedback and engagement that you all show is wonderful, and a large part of this site’s reason for being is to have a resource for the Mk3 platform so it’s always awesome to hear from fellow owners and enthusiasts. We’re always happy to receive and answer questions and help others with their own projects!

That said, in regards to Mustard there are a number of common questions that have been answered countless times over it seems, so I felt that it was definitely time for a dedicated walk-around and FAQ on the ST4, as it sits now.

Rather than writing all of it out I grabbed the camera and filmed it for the YouTube channel, and it is now live over there – it has been linked below in this post so you don’t have to leave this page to find it.

Tiggy on Day 1

As I’m sure many of you will know, I’ve owned the car (or more accurately these days, the shell of it) for some time now; I bought it back in 2011 in fact! As such it has seen quite a bit of work and so the video ended up being a decent length – nearly half an hour! Despite the longer-than-planned runtime I still did manage to forget a few small details (OEM ST control arms, RDC downpipe bracket, Ford Racing snorkel, Stance:Nation lug nuts for the Turbomacs, etc) but otherwise all of the ‘important’ information is there.

And yes, that is indeed Mustard in the photo above. That was taken with a camera phone the day after my 20th birthday, before my coworkers and I started the full delivery prep and clean on it.

Anyway, if you care to know a bit more about the sedan please do click play above! I tried to make it as comprehensive as possible without going completely overboard, and even threw in a few photos from my files that hadn’t been shared before. As I mention in the video I hope that this does answer some questions that you all may have, but if there’s something I didn’t touch on that you wish to know more about, please shoot it our way!

Before closing today, and while we’re on the topic of our cars, Sriracha’s next Project ST/RS post has been submitted and is waiting to go live so there will be the accompanying ‘BTS’ post here on officialTHREETWENTY once it has been published. In other news we’re getting our plans in place for 2018’s shows, and next month is the 5th anniversary of the site so a few surprises are in the works for that as well.

As always thanks for stopping by and reading/watching, and stay tuned for more to come!


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