Beyond Meets of May & June

The alternating of posts continues today, with a quick peek at some of the Beyond meets from the past couple of months. As I did with Menace Meet photos earlier on, I have this small compilation of pictures as opposed to just those from one gathering; rather than upload little batches each and every week I’m finding it better to save them up and combine them into monthly (or in this case bi-monthly) groupings. Quite frankly, there are nights when I barely take any photos at these meets because I’m just chatting with friends, grabbing food, or taking the chance to see things through my eyes instead of a lens, and I don’t really wish to upload a post of meet photos with two pictures at a time. This slight format change seems to be working though, so I’m running with it for now!

Anyway, in case anyone hadn’t been aware, yes the Beyond meets are back again this year following their somewhat low-key revival last season. Menace is wonderful for a massive gathering later on in the evening, but it’s great to also be able to return to the old stomping grounds with some of the ‘older’ group of YYC enthusiasts. ‘Older’ is definitely a relative term here mind you, but there’s no denying that Menace has the newer faces and builds, while Beyond generally brings out those that have been active in our scene for much longer. On paper a car meet may be a car meet but in reality this results in a very different feel between the two gatherings. Regardless, it adds more to our calendar and having two meets (or three, with Wild Wednesdays) in a night isn’t a bad thing at all.

With that said, before we get too much further into July (summer, slow down please), here are some snapshots from the Beyond meets of May and June. I hope you enjoy!

Beyond May 2 2018 2

As you’ll see below there’s a disproportionate amount of photos with FK8s in them this time around but this photo opportunity was too good to pass up – a new CTR with a real EK9 CTR; thank you Canadian import laws!

Beyond May 2 2018 3

Mario and Derrick have been showing up on occasion to the Beyond meets, as their schedules allow, with LOWMARO and Sriracha of course. Derrick’s Camaro received a new transmission earlier this year but not as part of a manual swap in case you were wondering. The original unit quit so Mario sourced a replacement auto ‘box and it was promptly swapped in. A manual conversion, as it was found out, would be quite a bit more involved than expected…

Beyond May 2 2018 4

This photo was taken prior to the installation of the Cup Spoilers and Vega Motorworks splitter, so instead you’re seeing Sriracha with its old Mountune lip (which may return as the winter setup?). Anyway, we had to laugh because in Driven Part 2 I made the joke that perhaps Mario should finally widebody the little ST. Well, wouldn’t you know it but the day (seriously, the day) that post went live, guess what he decided to pull the trigger on…

Beyond May 2 2018 5

Voltex club.

Beyond May 2 2018 7Beyond May 2 2018 6

I still can’t get over how good the new scheme looks on Jason’s FR-S. Maybe a yellow roll bar would be a nice next step to continue that? Just an idea…

Beyond May 2 2018 1

The definition of goals, right here. Dustin and Kaylee, with their S-Chassis builds. Beyond May 2 2018 8

I can’t remember if Kaylee had left before or after this, but either way I only got a shot of Dustin on his departure this evening. As said in the Driven coverage, he’s really found a sweet spot with the S15’s aero.

Beyond June 6 2018 2

Jumping to another week now, in case the lighting change hadn’t tipped you off…haha

Beyond June 6 2018 1

I already know that this will be one of my favourite photos from this season, just because I feel it’s a fairly good, impromptu capture of car guys doing car guy things. Mike had popped the hood of his FD to show off some of the work and modifications to a couple of guys and it naturally drew the attention of others. Side note, I also love Mike’s new personalized plate – it sums up the mentality of the build perfectly and since he’s so often working on Porsches, it’s a nice nod to that as well you could say.

Beyond June 6 2018 4

I think Dustin said something along the lines of “one of the best-engineered builds in Calgary” in reference to Mike’s FD and I’d have to agree; the amount of work, thought, detail, and consideration that have gone into this car are hard to wrap your head around. There’s throwing parts on a car because they “should” work better, and then there’s this.

Beyond June 6 2018 3

Here’s a decent illustration of how the Civic has grown over the years, and also gotten angrier-looking. Arif’s and Adrian’s cars look happy to be there; the FK8, not so much….and this would be where the new CTRs become much more common in the photos.

Beyond June 6 2018 5

This is here for the Mugen wing (if I could find a way to retrofit one to the Focus…) but already we have another CTR appearance. I’ve made the joke on IG a couple of times now but I swear, my social media feeds are mostly made up of FK8s these days because apparently there was a group buy or something – everyone and their dog seems to be snapping one up. I’m not complaining, however; I’m getting to be quite drawn to them as well…but my bank account says no.

Beyond June 20 2018 7

Speaking of FK8s (still), this photo is terrible, I know; however, it isn’t terrible at showing the drastic effect (*cough* improvement *cough*) that a smaller-diameter set of wheels has on the car. Josh’s black CTR is rolling on the stock 20s here (I still can’t believe Honda is stuffing those under the arches) whereas the white example has received a set of smaller TE37s – 18s if I’m not mistaken – and the impact is huge! 18s or 19s are what these cars really need.

Beyond June 20 2018 3

In May it wasn’t really the case, but by June these might as well have been CTR meets…or TE37 meets.

Beyond June 20 2018 1

…and if it wasn’t CTRs, it was GT-Rs.

Beyond June 20 2018 5

Oversized wheels aside, I’m really liking the styling of the CTRs now; especially the fenders. It’s interesting to see how quickly vented fenders of some shape, size, or placement, have spread throughout the OEM world as the benefits of evacuating air from wheel wells have become known.

Beyond June 20 2018 6

As one more point of comparison, Josh’s black CTR was rocking the new EVS foil, which up until this point I’d never seen in person nor been able to really compare with the OEM piece; it is substantially more aggressive as shown here, but without something to compare it to it very well could still go under the radar I feel.

Beyond June 20 2018 2

Done with FK8s now, I promise; but not TEs. Punit brought his Integra out on a new set of you-know-whats, in silver this time. I’m not sure what else he could really do (or rather, needs to do) to this car, but periodic wheel swaps keep it fresh.

Beyond June 20 2018 4

And if I had TEs, this is exactly what they’d look like. I feel your pain. #whitewheelcrew

Beyond June 20 2018 8

Levi’s 4Runner was also rocking TE37s, so he can now offroad in style when he’s not working on his BRZ; speaking of, it looks like the 2JZ swap is now really underway on it as well. With that and the Varis kit it should be one heck of a build when it’s completed.

Beyond June 20 2018 9

And given all of the CTRs and TE37s in the June photos, I think it’s best to switch things up a bit for the final shot today. Haha

That’s a wrap for today, so thank you as always for reading and stay tuned for plenty more to come! Mario and Derrick have been on vacation in California – like last year – and should be back soon. Once they are, we can get started on some more installs on Sriracha; we had better get those out of the way so that we can concentrate on its big change for Sunday School…


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