Menace Meets – June 2019

Wednesday nights, weather permitting, are usually pretty good ones around here. The midpoint of the work week sees not one or two, but three different meets being hosted around the city and their slightly spaced out timing means that attending all three in a row is feasible. Being physically spaced out a bit too means that one can also get some decent seat time in cruising around the city.

6PM sees Wild Wednesday start up at the Crowfoot A&W as the first of the trio. The enormous Wild Wednesdays that were held at the Grey Eagle Casino up until a handful of years ago have been a tough act to follow (finding a suitable venue has been the main sticking point) but this latest attempt has certainly been gaining traction and is bringing out solid crowds on the sunny nights.

The Beyond meet is next, beginning around 7 at the old stomping grounds (Chinook Mall) and is the smallest of the trio but is also the most relaxed. No music, no crazy crowds; just a few of us gathering for a bit of catching up and perhaps a trip to the food court.

That leaves the third and final meet as Menace. Granted it starts around the same time as Beyond, but carries on later into the night hence why we’ll attend it last if we plan on going to two or even all three in one evening.

Regardless of what meets we do attend on a certain week or what car is taken, I will almost always have my camera in tow of course and fire off a few shots here and there. I usually don’t take enough to justify an individual post for each gathering so I instead sometimes set them aside and save them all for a monthly or bi-monthly recap, such as this one.

For tonight’s quick little post – I’m writing this up after getting home from this week’s meets as a matter of fact – I have a selection of pictures I grabbed during the Menace meets of June. No captions and no real rhyme or reason behind what I photographed; just a grouping of photos of the various vehicles that caught my eye over the last few Wednesday evenings. I hope you enjoy!

Menace June 2019 1Menace June 2019 2Menace June 2019 3Menace June 2019 4Menace June 2019 5Menace June 2019 6Menace June 2019 7Menace June 2019 8Menace June 2019 9Menace June 2019 10Menace June 2019 11Menace June 2019 12Menace June 2019 13Menace June 2019 14Menace June 2019 15Menace June 2019 16Menace June 2019 17Menace June 2019 18Menace June 2019 24Menace June 2019 19Menace June 2019 20Menace June 2019 21Menace June 2019 22Menace June 2019 23


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