Introducing Pepper – Ruzz’s RS

Another new car, and another RS! You’ll be seeing more of the vehicle as it attends events and receives more work so today’s post will merely be a quick – and official – introduction to it; say hello to Pepper, Ruzz’s new project!

Pepper 2

Like Mario, Ruzz had spent some time owning and working on a Mk3 Focus ST and after his time with the platform had the desire to step up to the RS. As it happened he too had the opportunity this season and so he took it, trading his fairly heavily modified ST (which was also black) for its big bad brother.

Pepper 1

As you can see he – again like Mario – wasted no time and got straight to work ordering and fitting a number of pieces to make the already potent hatch even more so. As of the time of me writing this a dyno day is quickly coming up so we’ll soon be able to see exactly what the 2.3L is making now, but safe to say it’ll be a decent bit over stock.

Pepper 3

You’ll be able to see Pepper lined up with Mustard, Sriracha, Selsun, and others at this year’s Sunday School (August 18th), and you’ll surely be seeing more of it on the site as it continues to progress too.


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