Throwback – All Ford 2019

I’m pretty sure that today was the first time I’d actually attended an official car show in 2020. My visit was brief, and I was merely a spectator, but it still counts! Redline Sorority hosted their first event today and we were able to stop by during setup (as well as just in time for the awards to be announced) to see everyone and check out some of the cars that arrived. They had an incredible turnout given the short notice with which the event was organized, which I think goes to show how much want there was for a show this season. I grabbed some photos which I’ll be editing this week, but for tonight’s post I have something else; something a touch older both in terms of the event’s date, and the average age of the registered vehicles.

As per the title, this photo set is from last year’s All Ford Show and Shine, hosted by the Calgary Thunderbird Club. This year’s event would’ve been held today as it happens, had we not called it off earlier this season when things were blowing up. We’ll try again next season if conditions permit, and here’s hoping we can carry on with the success of the recent years’ events.

As you may recall this was the show we debuted Dijon at last season following its makeover and had Jos√® present for it, so he was the custodian of it for both this and Sunday School the following day. Advantage Ford kindly joined in to sponsor the event and lent a Bullitt Mustang to be on display in the field with everything else. We had a solid turnout, great weather, and even managed to round up a few more entrants for the “tuner” class to help represent the newer generation. I hope you enjoy this set from All Ford 2019, and be sure to check back in the next little while for photos from today’s show and much more! Despite everything we’re still having a pretty busy car season!

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