Not Available Tuesday Meets – Vol 1

Traditionally Tuesday nights would be reserved for Euro Cars and Coffee, but all of their gatherings are postponed until further notice due to the crowds they usually draw. For those outside of APAC (with their Ice Cream runs) this has left Tuesday evenings wide open until recently, when these meets were kicked off.

The Not Available meets are held on the top floor of the 69th Street/17th Avenue SW parkade (you know, the one with the grass-looking decorations on the side) and from what I’ve seen so far, have been quite a welcome addition to the community.

I’ve only attended a couple thus far – if weather cooperates tonight will be my third – and I’m happy to say that they’ve been pretty calm, which which is a nice return to form. The Deerfoot City Friday meets are quickly getting out of hand, and Menace always has a bit of showing off taking place. These are the most like the old Beyond meets that we have today I think, in terms of attitude. Last week a few police officers actually showed up – just to admire the cars for a few minutes, in fact – but their presence resulted in a lot of attendees quickly taking off. For those of us that stayed, things went on just fine.

With so many small local gatherings now happening this year I’m gathering photos from all over the place, and decided to run with a format similar to that of years prior; instead of posting each week’s photos individually I’ll be grouping them together into larger sets because frankly, I don’t have time to be updating the blog three, four, or five times a week. Haha. I don’t always shoot a ton at each individual meet anyway, so this method also helps avoid posts with two photos in them.

On the topic of photos, worth noting is that a handful of weeks back I added to the camera roster with a new-to-me Canon EOS M100. I purposely kept the kit super simple with just one lens and a polarizer, and nothing else. My intention for it is to mainly be a GoPro replacement (demoting said GoPro to “backup/B-roll camera”) while also being a simple and compact unit for the times I don’t want to or can’t take my full kit with me. So far, it’s certainly been very useful for just that.

For a few meets here and there I even took it out as my sole camera for the evening though it did quickly illustrate the benefits of having multiple lenses. Regardless, it’s been fun to shoot with and should be a useful member of the team. All of this is to say that in this post as well as others on the site you may notice a slightly different look between some sets of photos, based on which camera I was using at the time. You’ll also see variations in these photos tonight, being from the two different meets.

Here’s hoping that the N/A meets continue on in the spirit of the old Beyond gatherings, which is to say they stay calm, controlled, and for lack of a better word, mature. No one needs to hear your crackle tune while you’re parked.

NA Meet July 28 2020 1NA Meet July 28 2020 2NA Meet July 28 2020 3NA Meet July 28 2020 4NA Meet July 28 2020 5NA Meet July 28 2020 6NA Meet July 28 2020 7NA Meet July 28 2020 8NA Meet July 28 2020 9NA Meet July 28 2020 10NA Meet Aug 4 2020 3NA Meet Aug 4 2020 5NA Meet Aug 4 2020 4NA Meet Aug 4 2020 6NA Meet Aug 4 2020 7NA Meet Aug 4 2020 8NA Meet Aug 4 2020 9NA Meet Aug 4 2020 1


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