Our First Look at the 2021 Bronco Sport

If you’re reading this, you’re likely familiar with the process: a manufacturer announces a new vehicle and it grabs your attention immediately. You pour over the details and whatever articles you can find as you wait for the first example to arrive at your local dealership, and as soon as it does you rush over to check it out.

2021 Bronco Sport 13

That was me, but not with something like the new A90 or C8. Heck, not even with the full-size Bronco. With this.

2021 Bronco Sport 11

That’s right, the vehicle that I was arguably the most excited about for 2020 was an SUV! I was of course eagerly awaiting the GT500s (the first of which we saw back in February) and was thrilled to see some of those GR Supras and Corvettes on the road this summer, but this one made my list for a very different reason: it’s one I can very easily see myself buying in the next few years.

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Admittedly I’ve never been the biggest fan of the super small SUVs/Crossovers/etc (EcoSport, I’m looking at you) but those about Bronco Sport/Escape size are where I start to “get” them. With a distinct lack of wagons in our market if you want or need something more practical than a sedan but don’t want or need to live with the penalties of a full-size truck all of the time (fuel economy, size) you wind up here. Makes sense.

2021 Bronco Sport 32021 Bronco Sport 4

So yes, while I had been eagerly awaiting the initial reveal of the new Bronco lineup like many others, from the very first leaked photos a few months back it was the Sport that stole my attention. Having now seen one in person I can say that my excitement has been justified so far. I liked what I saw, very, very much.

2021 Bronco Sport 16

Last week we received word that a demo would be coming by the dealership so that we could have our first little look, and as soon as it did we all swarmed it in the showroom. I made sure to get a quick video (which went up a few days ago, it’s linked below) but with all of the talking as well as the music playing in the showroom I had to edit out the sound. To go along with it though I did get some photos, which are the reason for today’s follow-up post.

2021 Bronco Sport 122021 Bronco Sport 2

To touch more on the specific vehicle you’re seeing here, it was an Outer Banks model (the third of four standard trims – think Focus SEL) and finished in Cactus Gray. Under the hood was a 1.5L EcoBoost mated to an 8 speed automatic, powering all four wheels. A 2.0L EcoBoost is available but is only offered – and is the only option – on the top trim level, Badlands (Titanium).

2021 Bronco Sport 182021 Bronco Sport 17

The Outer Banks trim also features a standard 6.5″ colour LCD dash, heated steering wheel, one touch up/down windows, and reverse sensors. Other items it has that are either standard from the Big Bend (SE) or Base (S) versions are LED lights, windshield wiper de-icers, remote start, heated front seats (with zippered pockets on their backs), and even rubberized protectors on the rear seats’ backs.

2021 Bronco Sport 14

At the risk of this post sounding too much like a Ford ad, I promise it’s only from my own research into the Sport because of my own genuine interest in it. It seems to have ticked every single box I had for my next daily driver, from both a practicality standpoint as well as for features that would make it safer and nicer to use in the winter. On that, hilariously, I had previously configured one on the Ford site to see how I’d want it, and the demo ended up being the exact vehicle I’d built. Same trim, same options, same colour.

2021 Bronco Sport 102021 Bronco Sport 1

With the actual production vehicles not being too far away now I’m very excited to see the different trims, see how they look in the different colours, and perhaps get to quickly drive a few too. However I’m also very excited to see what owners and the aftermarket do with them! There will be a number of Ford accessories available from launch but those will only be the starting point. Let’s see where these things are taken!

And who knows, maybe in a few years I’ll be on the hunt for one myself; hopefully Cactus Gray is a popular colour so there’ll be more to choose from on the used market!



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