Not Available Tuesday Meets – Vol 2

For the first post of the final month of the year, I figured it was certainly time to get another series of Not Available (N/A) meet photos up on the site. While their run was brief, they certainly did bring something unique to the table in terms of atmosphere as well as location. The parkade was a nice backdrop and I can’t recall the last time (if ever) that regular meets were hosted anywhere around this area of the city. It was a nice change of scenery – literally – from the more heavily-relied upon areas that have hosted events like Cars & Coffee, Beyond, Menace, Cruisin’ the Dub, and so forth; even if they don’t use the exact same spot of land, a lot of our other gatherings take place quite close to where others are held so many nights we find ourselves heading the same direction or even down the same roads.

Additionally it was quite fun to hang out by the ends of the parkade at times; we could look down at the passing cars and see the world go by “outside” while also enjoying what was happening “inside”. There were great vantage points to watch cars come up the ramp, and with there being no shopping mall or stores next to the parkade we were kind of isolated so basically every car present was there for the meet.

A big thanks goes to the team at N/A for the effort they put in to host – and try to police – these meets this season. They were a great addition to the calendar even if their run was cut short. I hope you all enjoy this next set of photos from a few more nights at the parkade, and be sure to stay tuned because there’s still one more N/A post to come over winter, along with the rest of the 2020 meet photos.

NA Meet Aug 11 2020 1NA Meet Aug 11 2020 2NA Meet Aug 11 2020 3NA Meet Aug 11 2020 4NA Meet Aug 11 2020 5NA Meet Aug 11 2020 6NA Meet Aug 11 2020 7NA Meet Aug 11 2020 8NA Meet Aug 11 2020 9NA Meet Aug 11 2020 10NA Meet Aug 11 2020 11NA Meet Aug 11 2020 12NA Meet Aug 11 2020 13NA Meet Aug 18 2020 1NA Meet Aug 18 2020 2NA Meet Aug 18 2020 3NA Meet Aug 18 2020 4NA Meet Aug 18 2020 12NA Meet Aug 18 2020 11NA Meet Aug 18 2020 5NA Meet Aug 18 2020 6NA Meet Aug 18 2020 7NA Meet Aug 18 2020 8NA Meet Aug 18 2020 9NA Meet Aug 18 2020 10NA Meet Aug 25 2020 2NA Meet Aug 25 2020 3NA Meet Aug 25 2020 4NA Meet Aug 25 2020 5NA Meet Aug 25 2020 6NA Meet Aug 25 2020 7NA Meet Aug 25 2020 8NA Meet Aug 25 2020 9NA Meet Aug 25 2020 10NA Meet Aug 25 2020 12NA Meet Aug 25 2020 13NA Meet Aug 25 2020 14NA Meet Aug 25 2020 15NA Meet Aug 25 2020 16NA Meet Aug 25 2020 11


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