Mustard’s on Speedhunters!

If we rewind to 2015, Ketchup made an appearance on Speedhunters as part of their On Air Only theme that they were running at the time. Being a bagged car, Mario sent photos in as soon as he saw the requests and after he responded to some follow-up questions from the SH staff, the ST found itself up on the site.

More recently – October of this year in fact – SH put a more general call out for submissions, wanting to feature some readers’ rides on the site. I figured I’d send in some photos of Mustard for fun (especially since it made a cameo in Richard’s Driven Calgary coverage a few years back and some SH commenters seemed to really like it) and with any luck I’d hear back from the team.

So I did just that, and then waited. And waited. And waited. And saw no responses at all. I figured that given the following of SH there was only a very, very small chance Mustard would make the cut out of all of the submissions anyway, so I wrote it off as “attempt made” and happily went on my way.

Speedhunters Mustard 1

Then, last week I was in Evan’s office as we took a quick break at work and he logged on to Speedhunters so we could see what was new – and wouldn’t you know, the top post (which neither of us had seen yet) was IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER: 15 Reader Project Cars, with the lower left corner of the cover photo montage being occupied by a familiar yellow sedan (accompanied by Ketchup)!

Speedhunters Mustard 2

So it would seem that the SH team did actually find the car interesting, and picked it to sit along with the 14 others in this entry! Having assumed it made the cutting room floor so to speak, this was quite a surprise to say the least.

Speedhunters Mustard 3

I figured I’d toss a quick post up here on the site because we think it’s pretty cool that the car made the cut, and also to have this little moment in time saved in the ever-growing diary that is officialTHREETWENTY. I’ve included the link to the original post below, and you should definitely check it out; there’s some awesome variety in the cars, with the “what-if” M5 Touring being a particular favourite of mine for obvious reasons.

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