Nexus Meet

For tonight I have a little gallery of photos that I wanted to share, as a super brief mid-week entry ahead of a project update this weekend; these were taken at the Nexus Meet, a gathering held about a week after Driven at the Cross Roads Market. A few of us had met up at A&W first for food and to see the cars there, but before it got to be too late we decided to make the trek over and check out Nexus as well since it had been advertised non-stop and was looking to be quite sizeable. Many cars were still looking quite clean and tidy having been prepped for Driven the weekend before and it offered another chance to see many of the new parts and projects that had debuted at the show as well, on top of everything else that was present.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this mini selection and be sure to check back this weekend as we’ll be introducing a new project in the group and the first round of its modifications – although the car in question has already had a bit of an interesting story, for lack of a better word…


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