Driven 2013 Part 2 – Before the doors opened

As I mentioned in the last post, the day of Driven we showed up early. After making sure the Focus was ready I then wandered the floor and took some pictures before the crowds started coming in. The lighting wasn’t the best at this time but I had a great chance to see what was present and not have to worry about shots being blocked.

Driven Part 2 606

Driven Part 2 589

Stampede Scion had a nice selection of vehicles, such as this tC. There will be more of it later.

Driven Part 2 590

Driven Part 2 600

R32 with an R34 front end conversion. A lot of work went into this one.

Driven Part 2 613

Mighty Car Mods-inspired Golf. Watch their ‘Budget Street Cred’ episode on YouTube.

Driven Part 2 616

Driven Part 2 619

There were lots of Supras this year.

Driven Part 2 632

Driven Part 2 647

A few of the UCCC cars.

Driven Part 2 655

Driven Part 2 658

Driven Part 2 661

ill.motion had a large group again, and lots of merchandise available.

Driven Part 2 679

ZR Auto brought out quite the selection of vehicles.

Driven Part 2 715

Including this one, worth 2.2 million. More on that in a future post.

Driven Part 2 743

Vinyl Appeal had a booth, with a couple of cars.

Driven Part 2 761

Driven Part 2 764

Colin’s bagged GLI took home a trophy.

Driven Part 2 626

Driven Part 2 652

Driven Part 2 628

White is probably my favourite of the ‘Frozen’ colours offered by BMW. I’ve seen a couple Frozen F10 M5s around town now.

With that M5, I’ll end this post now. The next group of Driven photos will be from after the show started, when lighting was better. It was a long day and there was lots to see, so I had quite the number of photographs to go through when selecting what to post for you all. More soon!


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