meet – May 15th

It’s time for photos from the weekly Beyond meet again! This will be a relatively big post, as there were lots of new vehicles in attendance this week and despite the weather, the light cooperated for some nice photos.

Speaking of weather, some photos will show rain and others won’t; it kept coming and going.

Beyond May 15 240SX r

I personally prefer 240SX coupes to hatches, just because you don’t see them as much. Here’s a clean example.

Beyond May 15 Amuse S2000 r

Errol’s Amuse S2000. Such a great kit.

Beyond May 15 Celica r

Turbo Celica. I like this generation.

Beyond May 15 Civic 2 r

This was the first time in quite a while I had seen Brad’s Civic. A great example of a clean, function-oriented car.

Beyond May 15 Civic and Integras r

Kyle, Kanji, and Dave.

Beyond May 15 Civic r

White with Blue Volks always works.

Beyond May 15 Integra 2 r

I’m trying not to overuse the word ‘clean’, but so many of the cars showing up are! Now that the harsh weather is gone so are the worries of salt and rocks.

Beyond May 15 Integra r

Rain? No hood? Don’t care.

Beyond May 15 Integra Type R r

Reggie’s ITR, which has since been parted. Always one of my favourites. Some day I’ll finally have a white Integra to call my own.

Beyond May 15 M5 r

I don’t see too many modified M5s around here; this was at Driven as well. I like aggressive sedans.

Beyond May 15 MS3 r

More MS3s are showing up.

Beyond May 15 NSX r

Jackie arrived with the NSX. Ollie apparently was bored.

Beyond May 15 R33 r

R33 sedan – very nice.

Beyond May 15 RX7 2 r

A couple of RX7s showed up as well. Both this FD…

Beyond May 15 RX7 r

…and this FC.

Beyond May 15 ST r

Mario’s ST was nicely positioned for this shot. Thanks to Dave for pointing out the rainbow!

Beyond May 15 Supra r

MKIV Supra, next to Aldo’s S2000.

Beyond May 15 TSX r

As the closing shot this time is this TSX.

There’ll be another this week of course, 7PM on Wednesday at Chinook. See you there!


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