Exclusive: The Fiesta ST Project – Part 1 (Introduction)

Project Fiesta 3

Today saw work start on a very unique project; a 2014 Fiesta ST. Over the next little while this small hatch will be treated to a bunch of new parts and be made a one-of-one ST.

This is something I’m super excited to have the chance to share, because I want to provide more ‘exclusive’ coverage on ThreeTwenty. I enjoy sharing photos from our own projects and all of the local meets and shows, but this is an opportunity to share something that people wouldn’t get to see otherwise. The finished car will be visible on the road of course, but this will show the work that will be going into it. Before all of that can start though, I should properly introduce the project.

Recently Peter at Wrap Werkz sent me a message to inform me that this car was coming, and to share the plans for the car. He invited me to come and document the progress and I jumped at the chance. I first met Peter a few years back at the weekly Beyond meets and we’ve kept in touch. Since then he started up Wrap Werkz, and now keeps busy wrapping vehicles and parts. I had the chance to finally check out his shop today and it’s a great setup. This Fiesta stopped by his place first because it’ll be getting a full wrap…but it may not be in what you’re expecting.

The Fiesta STs have been out for only a short while so they are still a very rare sight in Canada. This is only the second I’ve seen in person and third I know of in Calgary.

Project Fiesta 15

How’s this for not caring about warranties? The car was driven from the dealer right to Peter and shows a whopping 48 kilometers on the odometer.

Project Fiesta 7

The seats are one of my favourite parts – in the US the Focus STs have available partial leather Recaros like these (which are the best in my opinion), but in Canada we are stuck with the full-leather versions. However, the Fiesta ST then arrives and these seats are available. Why Ford, why?

Anyway, after Wrap Werks finishes with it the Fiesta will be off to Speed Options for some performance goodies, which have already arrived and are waiting to be installed.

This should be fun.


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