5th Annual Super 8 Show and Shine

I have mentioned it before on the site but I’ll say it again – I attended more events this year than I ever have before. I wanted to make the most of the summer and looking back, I’m happy with how much we fit in this year. Park and Polish was normally the last show I’d attend each season but this time there were two more which I went to afterwards; one was Tree and Shine, and the other was this – the Super 8 Show and Shine.

Hosted at the Super 8 just off of Macleod Trail and 162nd Ave SE, there was plenty of room for cars and attendees, and the weather cooperated beautifully. Like many shows, money was being raised for a good cause and at the end of the day it was announced that over $2500 would be going to the Make a Wish Foundation! There was food, prizes, and of course lots of stunning cars.

This is another show I’ll keep in mind for next year as I enjoyed my time at it, and I hope you all enjoy the photos from it.

2015 Super 8 show 1

The T-Bird was brought out for one of its final showings of the year, before it goes into hiding for the winter. Root Bear was driving again, as you can see.

2015 Super 8 Show 372015 Super 8 Show 22015 Super 8 Show 5

This ’55 Thunderbird underwent a rotisserie restoration previously and has been a strong contender at shows thanks to that.

2015 Super 8 Show 6

Resting on the trunk was a photobook for showgoers to flip through.

2015 Super 8 Show 32015 Super 8 Show 42015 Super 8 Show 7

A number of cars at the show featured flames and it was interesting to see and compare the different styles that the owners opted for.

2015 Super 8 Show 82015 Super 8 Show 92015 Super 8 Show 11

Got 440? No. Got milk jug? Yes.

2015 Super 8 Show 102015 Super 8 Show 12

This Mustang was one of my favourites of the day, no doubt. It included a lot of subtle changes and everything flowed really well together.

2015 Super 8 Show 13

I liked the contrast of the incredibly detailed flames, against the plain white on the rest of the body. It’s easy to miss, but the wheels have flames too.

2015 Super 8 Show 14

This Tiffany was probably the most unique car of the show. I don’t believe I had ever come across one before this so I was surprised to find out it was in fact a “production” vehicle.

2015 Super 8 Show 152015 Super 8 Show 162015 Super 8 Show 26

This pinstriping was a nice touch, located on the back of the ’34 Chevy.

2015 Super 8 Show 202015 Super 8 Show 17

This particular Judge is one I recall running into at Quarry Park and Polish a couple of years ago. This colour combo (Mint Turquoise exterior / red interior) wasn’t allowed by GM but it was actually built and sold, making it a potential 1-of-1 car.

2015 Super 8 Show 18

Next to the Judge was Double Double, a car that I am a huge fan of. Reportedly, the paint colour was actually custom mixed and matched to the hue of a Double Double from Tim Horton’s (For those unaware, it’s simply a coffee with two creams and two sugars added).

2015 Super 8 Show 192015 Super 8 Show 21

As the leaves continued to fall during the day, many cars gathered quite a few. It made for a bit of extra clean-up work after the show (especially for those with convertibles) but made for some neat photo opportunities during the event.

2015 Super 8 Show 22

I purposely kept my windows up to avoid having to pick leaves out of my interior but there were still quite a few wedged into various nooks and crannies on the car.

2015 Super 8 Show 232015 Super 8 Show 24

A pair of ZR1s made up a Ketchup and Mustard combo.

2015 Super 8 Show 342015 Super 8 Show 252015 Super 8 Show 27

As I wandered back to the other end of the lot I grabbed another shot of the GT. I hope we’ll get to see some of the new GTs at shows in the coming years.

2015 Super 8 Show 282015 Super 8 Show 292015 Super 8 Show 30

This old Ford featured a Cadillac engine and a very nice white-to-yellow-to-orange fade on the nose for its flames.

2015 Super 8 Show 312015 Super 8 Show 32

Naturally, the T-Bird wasn’t the only one with A&W memorabilia.

2015 Super 8 Show 332015 Super 8 Show 35

There seem to be a few Herbie-styled Beetles around town and one showed up to the Super 8 Show.

2015 Super 8 Show 36

Some try to get everything to fit under the hood (like Mighty Car Mods and their sleeper Beetle project) while others don’t worry about things like that. I appreciate both approaches but seeing the engine hanging out like this is super cool.

2015 Super 8 Show 38

I think a good way to wrap this up today is with this ’74 Duster. Not only does it bring us back to where we started (literally, it was in the same row as us) but it was a rather neat car as it was a completely original – the paint, interior, and engine were all original, and the owner too!

Coming back to the present now, I see some are putting their cars away in storage for the winter and soon it’ll be time to get the sedan ready for the snow. We’re trying to make the most of the nice days we have left though; the then-upcoming garage day I mentioned at the end of the last post went ahead as planned and the new parts for the Foci will hopefully arrive in time so that they can be installed while it’s still decently warm outside. I’m not excited for winter, but I’m at least already looking forward to when everyone brings their cars out in the spring, with new modifications fitted for another season of shows and meets.


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